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Guest Post/Giveaway!! Seventh Born, by Monica Sanz

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Seventh Born
(The Witchling Academy, Book 1)
Monica Sanz
Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Entangled Teen
September 4, 2018
Mystery, Paranormal Romance, 
Urban Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

 Abomination. Curse. Murderer. All names hurled at eighteen-year-old Seraphina Dovetail. As the seventh-born daughter to a witch, she's the cause of her mother losing her powers and, in turn, her life.

Abandoned as a child, Sera dreams of becoming an inspector and finding her family. To do that, she must be referred into the Advanced Studies Program at the Aetherium's Witchling Academy. Her birth order, quick temper, and tendency to set things on fire, however, have left her an outcast with failing marks…and just what Professor Nikolai Barrington is looking for.

The tall, brooding, yet exceedingly handsome young professor makes her a proposition: become his assistant and he'll give her the referral she needs. Sera is quickly thrust into a world where witches are being kidnapped, bodies are raised from the dead, and someone is burning seventhborns alive. As Sera and Barrington grow ever closer, she'll discover that some secrets are best left buried…and fire isn't the only thing that makes a witch burn.

Guest Post
Question: Have you ever considered blending science fiction into your novels
Monica Sanz

In short: YES! 
Science fiction is one genre I always wanted to write, but found a bit intimidating. For starters, I never really read anything in the genre, so I felt completely out of my depth and didn’t know a thing about how I would make the world work. For a long time, I was under the impression that sci-fi novels could only be about robots and spaceships and aliens, similar to what I’d seen at the movies. Once I started reading books in the genre, I realized and was surprised at how accessible it felt and how wrong I’d been. Yes, there are different types of sci-fi, but for the most part, like fantasy, sci-fi allows you the freedom to create the impossible, so long as you can make it work and justify it, however fantastical the reality within the particular story world is. It also lets you explore various tropes through a different lens.

Once I got over my fear and read a bit more in the genre, a story popped into my head and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I knew it wouldn’t stop hounding me until I wrote it. To make it a bit less intimidating, I wrote it during NaNoWriMo because if it was crappy, I could at least blame the tight timeline. Ha! 

Something else I used to get me pumped to write it was romance. A story typically hooks me with the romance angle, so in exploring what the romantic relationship was, my attachment to the story grew as I HAD to know what was going to happen between my main character and the love interest.

Thankfully, my first foray wasn’t awful and it ended up being a pretty decent story about corruption and acceptance and themes I hadn’t yet tackled in my previous works. Eventually I’ll get the chance to polish it but for now, I’m happy enough knowing that I tackled a genre that scared me, and I think I did it justice.

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Monica Sanz has been writing from the moment she could string together a sentence. Her stories have come a long way from mysterious portals opening in the school cafeteria, transporting classmates to distant worlds. A classic titled  Wuthering Heights is responsible for that. She’s been lost to dark romances and brooding fictional men ever since. Now she writes about grumpy professors, cursed ringmasters, tortured soul collectors, and the girls they fall in love with. Monica’s books have received many accolades on the social writing website Wattpad. She’s accumulated over six million reads, eighty thousand votes, and fifteen thousand comments since posting her books on the website. She is also a member of the Wattpad4, a group of writers who host weekly Twitter chats on the subjects of writing and publishing.

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  1. Interesting thoughts on science fiction. I agree that like certain forms of YA and fantasy, science fiction frees up a story to go into all sorts of dimensions. I think it is neat when authors cross genres.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Yes, Indeed! I'd love to see an SF novel by this author! And it's so true that SF can go in many directions. That's the nature of the genre!

      I, too, think it's very interesting when writers cross genres!

      Thanks for the interesting comment!! <3 :)

  2. I really love that guest post because most people do think science fiction is all about robots and spaceships and aliens like it's said in the post and it just isn't. So that's great!

    1. Hi, Steph!

      Yeah, I thought that was a great point this author made! SF is much more than just spaceships, aliens, and robots! That's a VERY stereotypical view of the genre. I really enjoyed reading Ms. Sanz's post!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  3. Nice interview! I love how wide open science fiction can be, as the author alludes to- it's not JUST all robots and suchlike. And this looks awesome! Love that slightly spooky cover. :)

    1. Hi, Greg!

      From all three of these comments, I can see that this author's statement about SF being wide open really struck a chord! I feel the same way. Unfortunately, I think that people who don't read SF think that the genre IS all about aliens, robots, and spaceships. Lol.

      Yeah, it does!! That's why I joined the tour! The plot is GREAT, and I LOVE that cover, even if it is a bit spooky!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  4. I always love it when genres cross boundaries, too. Thank you for a great interview, Maria as this sounds like something I should track down! Have a wonderful weekendx

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Oh, yeah, I do, too!! I sure hope Ms. Sanz will incorporate some SF in her future novels!

      I totally agree that you should track down this book! And just LOOK at that cover! It's chock full of my favorite color!! Lol.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well!! Thanks for the lovely comment!! HUGS!! <3 <3 :) :)


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