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****LAST UPDATED 10/30/18****

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This is a law enacted by the European Union for the protection of the personal data of residents of the European Union (which includes the UK).
This Privacy Policy, for the blog A Night's Dream of Books, is hereby in effect as of 5/25/18, in compliance with this law.


EU GDPR Website


Blog Creator, Blog Owner, Controller and Processor of Data: All of these terms refer to myself, Maria Behar, the sole creator and owner of this blog, A Night's Dream of Books.

User, Blog Visitor, Blog Subscriber, Blog Follower: All of these terms refer to those people, whether they are fellow bloggers or not, who in some way, shape, or form interact with this blog. These interactions include viewing the blog's home page, viewing individual posts, and/or commenting on individual posts. These terms necessarily include anyone who subscribes to or follows this blog, using any of the options listed in the blog's sidebar.

Personal Data: Any information which would serve to identify the User in some way, such as a name, email address, IP address, or physical address. For all Users, this information never includes such intensely private personal matters as religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or political views.

Third Parties: Any entities that are not identifiable as either the Blog Owner or Users, and with whom the Blog Owner must inevitably share information in the process of maintaining the operation of this blog. Examples: Rafflecopter, Bloglovin', and those blog tour companies listed under the tab "Blog Tour Companies I Host For". They also include Google (through GFC Connect and FeedBurner) and Blogger, the blogging platform that supports this blog, and is owned by Google.

Cookies: These are files that track the browsing sessions of anyone using the Internet. They serve the purpose of saving such useful information as account names and passwords. They also serve to help Internet Users access websites more quickly.


This is a blog dedicated to books. The Blog Owner and Creator, Maria Behar, offers a variety of posts, which include book reviews, giveaways, memes, author interviews, and blog tours. 

The Blog Owner uses this blog as a means of self-expression, and all opinions herein are those of said Blog Owner, unless stated otherwise, as in the case of guest posts and comments from visitors and regular readers, which are always welcomed.

This Blog Owner is committed to protecting the privacy of all Users -- visitors as well as regular readers. When you post a comment, enter a giveaway, or follow this blog, you are, by any of these actions, giving your consent for the collection of your name, email address, and, if you win one of this blog's giveaways, a physical mailing address. The entities involved in the collection of data for these activities have already been mentioned in the "Third Parties" definition above.

The information collected by these entities is strictly related to the activities listed above, and engaged in by the Users that frequent this site. The Blog Owner never personally collects or shares this information.


1.) This blog automatically uses cookies to store Users' Personal Data. This is a function of Google, the company that owns Blogger, the blogging platform used by this Blog Owner. Anyone visiting this blog for the first time in the EU will be able to see the cookie notice mandated by Blogger, which is placed at the top of the screen when this blog is viewed from a EU location. Users must accept and click "OK" to close this notice. For further information on the use and control of cookies, please see the link below.

2.) As stated in the section Statement of Intent above, no User's Personal Data is personally shared by the Blog Owner with Third Parties without the consent of said User.

3.) The Blog Owner has taken appropriate measures to ensure that Users' Personal Data is properly protected.

4.) E-mail subscriptions are managed by Google's FeedBurner. The names and emails of this blog's Subscribers are stored on FeedBurner. Please refer to the link below.

5.) Any requests for copies of stored Personal Data, correction of same, or deletion of same will be honored by this Blog Owner.

6.) The blog tour companies hosted by A Night's Dream of Books have their Privacy Policy pages. Entering a giveaway sponsored by these tour companies includes an automatic agreement to consent, on the part of the contestant, to the sharing of such data as names, email addresses, and mailing addresses with the tour companies hosting these giveaways.

7.) This Blog Owner reserves the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at the Blog Owner's discretion, at any time.



You may contact this Blog Owner, Maria Behar, at the email address shown above, with questions or other concerns regarding your Personal Data.