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Waiting On Wednesday #85: Consume, by Melissa Darnell

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eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

(The Clann #3)
Paperback, 384 pages
Harlequin Teen
August 27, 2013
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

Goodreads Synopsis

Tristan Coleman has survived the change from Clann magic user to vampire, much to Savannah Colbert's joy—and despair. By changing the Clann's golden boy and newly elected leader, even to save him from death, she has unleashed a fury of hatred and fear that they cannot escape.

As the Clann and the vampire council go to war, Tristan and Sav face a new threat—a fracturing of the all-consuming bond they share. To fight for peace, they must forge a new trust and risk everything to take down their deadliest enemy, even as they must run for their lives. Soon they will learn that some bonds are stronger than love—and some battles cannot be won without sacrifice.

Why am I waiting on this book? 

For those who believe that vampire romances
are already yesterday's news,
I say, "Think again!"
The fascination of the modern vampire,
who has become a romantic hero,
steadily persists, especially in
young adult fiction.
And I'm not jumping off the bandwagon!
Oh, no, especially since I was
first enchanted by one
very special,  sparkly vampire
named Edward Cullen.....
So give me moonlight, and a dark,
sexy hero who only appears evil,
and is totally not.
I'm there!!

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What do you think of my choice?
What fascinating book(s)
are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Tour: Guest Post/Spotlight! Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan, by Thomas Sailer

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Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan,
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About The Book
The English translation of
Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan
 is now available on Amazon. 
This blog tour, which started on July 22nd,
will end on August 5th.

Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan
Thomas Sailer
(translated from the German edition by the author)
Kindle Edition, 1598 KB
(Print Length: 147 pages)
tredition, March 1, 2013

Amazon Synopsis

For many years, Thomas Sailer was active in the virtual Harry Potter fandom: After he had developed a huge fancy for the story in autumn 2004, he started to help out on the renowned fan portal Emma Watson Empire the next spring; and it did not take long until he advanced to the site’s representative.

Two years later, he founded the
Knight Bus, a wide-scale directory for Harry Potter websites. And finally, he even tried to mobilize fans from all countries by means of an organization.

During his years as an active member of the fan community, he has accomplished quite a lot and made contacts to fans and website owners from all over the world. However, what he has basically intended with his activity, did not happen to become real.

In this book, he talks about his work in the international fandom, his motives and how the Harry Potter story has influenced his life.

When first released in November 2012, the original German version of the book caused a stir within the fan community: Although it has never been on a bestseller-list, there appeared to be several reports about Thomas Sailer’s story on many fan based websites from all around the world.

Note from A Night's Dream of Books
As readers of this blog know, ebooks are not usually showcased here.  However, this is one of those rare exceptions, simply because the author of this blog is an ardent Harry Potter fan! 

Guest Post: Thomas Sailer and
Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan

Mr. Sailer is holding a copy of the
German edition of his book.

Hello there, this is Thomas Sailer, author of Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan speaking about my book here on A Night's Dream of Books! 

Looking back now in 2013, it has been a long while since I started becoming active in the online Harry Potter fandom.  I remember clearly when, in the spring of 2005, I started looking for HP sources on the web -- eager to get active in one of these communities.  For me, being a fan always meant more than just enjoying the books and movies.  I wanted more -- and I wanted to get involved. 

As I always try to find ways to change my dreams into action, I managed to work my way from a normal fan up to a recognized name within the virtual Harry Potter fandom.  And, for a very long time, my activity in the fandom appeared to me like a window and maybe even a possible gateway, to something amazing.

What I really enjoyed about my work was all the creative projects which I thought up and later put into practice.  I loved the various tasks which this activity gave me.  For instance, to inform other webmasters about project ideas or to work in my friend's garage and try desperately to complete a wooden keepsake box for Emma Watson's 18th birthday from the fans.

In the course of my project activities, I got to meet many new people from all over the world; many of whom I am still in contact with and enjoy talking to from time to time.  They were webmasters, staff members of Harry Potter sites or normal fans who did not take part in the virtual fandom the way I did.  It was a real pleasure to meet such a variety of new and interesting people.

The decision to write a book came along at a time when I felt like I was over and done with HP.  In the end of 2009 I started to realise how many things I had done, moved and achieved within the HP fandom.  So I considered it a great chance to gather my memories and thus share my experience.

Writing this book did not happen at once; I had to interrupt my work very soon, as it was some weeks before Christmas and I had no idea how to get all my stuff for university done.  And in the beginning of the new year, I had the incentive to write a novel -- what put this project on ice for the moment.  Further, I was not able to put a proper ending to the book, as at that time I was not finished with my activity in the fandom.

Almost two years later, in the last days of December, 2011, I made the decision that it was time to finish this book.  So, along with writing my second novel, I completed it during 2012.  It was a great experience to confront myself with all those memories once again and to work them out a structured book. 

I'd like to thank Mr. Sailer for his wonderful
guest post here on
A Night's Dream of Books!!

Chapter 1 Excerpt: The Background

Even today, long after the seventh book has been released and the second part of the final film premiered at the cinemas, I do have a weakness for the Harry Potter story.  Still, the memory of the adventures of the world-famous sorcerer's apprentice gives me a pleasant, exhilarated feeling.  I consider the movies, the first three of them especially, truly legendary achievements of cinematic art; the books, whatever square litterateurs might think about them, are masterpieces of literature in my opinion.
However, at this point, I have to mention that I definitely was not a Harry Potter fan from the beginning; actually, when the name 'Harry Potter' was suddenly on everyone's lips, I was very critical of the novel series.  Of course, one reason was that I did not like mass phenomena; so the mass enthrallment back in those days had a deterrent effect on me, rather than a thrilling one.  I preferred to get my own view on a subject first -- or, alternatively, as I did in the case of Harry Potter, to characterize something beforehand.

After all, what should be so great about it?  A story about a conjuring boy who visits some school for wizards.  That could not be anything else than unrealistic horseplay!  Pure waste of time!  Mental enfeeblement of mankind!  In this way -- more or less -- I had characterized the topic 'Harry Potter' back in this time.

As a consequence, I avoided the confrontation with this story as a matter of principle; I did not even want to know what these books were saying.  In the beginning, I also shunned the movies with revulsion.  I definitely did not intend to watch the first Harry Potter screen adaptation in the cinema; actually, I did not even realize the starting shot of this gigantic film series.  But even when we got the first movie on DVD at home, I always left the living as soon as my family watched the film.  Anyway, at some point the laziness, or perhaps a private interest, was stronger than my aversion and that way, I let myself be carried away to finally watch the first Harry Potter movie.  And since I have younger siblings, who, in their early childhood at this time, liked to watch movies several times, I got confronted with the first part of Harry Potter quite frequently for some time; as a result, something foreign turned into something common, or even something familiar slowly.

And finally, I had to acknowledge to myself that the movie found my approval basically; it was thoroughly able to entertain me.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #78: Enchantment, by Charlotte Abel

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This weekly feature
showcases beautiful book covers,
and provides information,
if available, on their very talented creators!

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This is my choice for this week!

Charlotte Abel
Trade Paperback, 364 pages
August 17, 2011
(first published June 17, 2011)

Why do I love this cover?

It should be obvious by now that I'm very partial to blue  covers....  This one is very appropriate for the title!   After all, there's indeed an enchantment in first love....

I love everything about this cover, from the gorgeous blue night sky, to the glorious full moon, to the silhouetted young lovers, who are surrounded by a magical, misty haze.... Of course, I also love the twinkling stars sprinkled all over the bottom of the cover.  They, too, add to the magical feel of the image.

Some people might say that this is a rather cliché image.  That may be so, but I think it's done in such a gently beautiful way, that I can't help loving it!  I think it's very well designed. 

The font used for the title is graceful, and very enchanting indeed!  It has a somewhat medieval look to it, as well, which contributes to its appeal.

Sadly, this cover has been changed, because I can't find it at any online bookstore.  Since this is an indie publication, it's not available through The Book Depository, and of course, Fishpond doesn't have it, either.  Of course, I'm unable to get any information on the artist and/or designer.

These are the covers I've found on Amazon.  Needless to say, they don't appeal to me in the least, when I compare them to the cover above.

This is the paperback cover shown on
the book's Amazon (US) page.

This is the cover for the Kindle edition, which is shown
both on Amazon US and Amazon UK.
Since I utterly detest ebooks, I would never be
interested in acquiring this edition,
even though it's free!

As you can see, there's even a difference between the paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.  The original font for the title has been retained on the paperback edition, but changed to a very stark, completely unappealing one on the Kindle edition.  As for the image used, it's the same one on each, but the paperback edition has a close-up of the one used for the Kindle edition. 

I still prefer the original blue cover, and am very disappointed that it's been changed.... I'm now trying to locate a copy of this edition through such used book sites as Alibris and Abebooks.

What do you think of my choice?
Do you agree with my opinion
of these covers?
Leave me a comment
and let me know! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Blogger Hop #28 (7/26 - 8/1): How do you organize your blooks to be read?

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Book Blogger Hop,
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He took over this hop from
Jennifer @ Crazy For Books.
I'm so glad he decided to
continue with this weekly feature!
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What to Do

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How do you organize your books
to be read?

2.)  Enter the link to your post in the
Linky list on Bill's blog.

3.)  Visit other blogs on the list and
comment on their posts. 

4.)  Be sure to find out next week's
question when you visit Bill's blog!

My Answer

The short and simple answers is: I don't!  

The longer, expanded answer is: I don't, because I'm a completely disorganized person.  I've been that way my whole life, my mother's patient (and not so patient) efforts notwithstanding.  Alas, my vast collection, although much loved by me, is all over the place!  Although I do have several TBR shelves on Goodreads and Shelfari, a lot of them contain books I don't own (yet).  Also, most of the books I do own are not on these lists.  It would be nice to put them all on the lists, but what a time-consuming job that would be!! 

Even if I did put all of my owned books on the lists I've mentioned, it wouldn't guarantee my reading them in the order they appear on these lists.  A book I buy today may be read three years from now, or this very afternoon, as the mood strikes me.  And when it strikes.....well, then I'm off and running!  

I've had books waiting for me to read them (on my home shelves) for years now.....but I buy new ones that catch my eye, and the older ones languish on my shelves, probably feeling jealous of their shinier, newer brethren....until the day one of them captures my attention, and then I will lovingly and tenderly open its cover, and start reading it.  I have been known to do this in the middle of a dusting/organizing project.  Once plucked from the shelf, the lucky book will settle down with me in my favorite chair (or maybe I'll start reading it while standing, one elbow leaning on the shelf, where the duster lies abandoned.... Of course, my cleaning project is entirely forgotten while I get lost in the book). 

Take a look at these pictures, and then you tell me if there's any hope of their ever getting organized for any future  I do hope to get to them someday, though! 

Floor-to-ceiling shelves along one wall
of our bedroom.....

These are on my night table, as well as
part of the headboard!

What do you think of my answer?
How do you organize your books to be read, or are you a free spirit,
like me?
Leave me a comment, and
let me know!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday #84: Rebel Spring,by Morgan Rhodes

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It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers are
eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

(Falling Kingdoms #2)
Hardcover, 416 pages
December 3, 2013
Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Goodreads Synopsis

Auranos has fallen and the three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now united as one country called Mytica. But still, magic beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world...

When the evil King Gaius announces that a road is to be built into the Forbidden Mountains, formally linking all of Mytica together, he sets off a chain of events that will forever change the face of this land, forcing Cleo the dethroned princess, Magnus the reluctant heir, Lucia the haunted sorceress, and Jonas the desperate rebel to take steps they never could have imagined.

Why am I waiting on this book?

This is a fantasy novel.
That alone, even if it weren't part of
The Falling Kingdoms series,
would be more than enough to interest me.
I simply love fantasy!!
Anything mythical or supernatural
between the covers of a book
will absolutely fascinate me,
and it's been that way my entire life!
I love the unusual, the far-fetched,
the weird, even.
Just as long as I don't get scared...
too much, anyway.
Oh, Lothlorien!  Long have I wanted to
enter thy enchanted forest.....
all I can do is enter the pages
of fantasy novels!

What do you think of my choice?
What fascinating book(s)
are you eagerly anticipating
this week?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Tour: Spotlight/Excerpts/Giveaway! Shrouded In Illusion, by H.D. Thompson

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Shrouded In Illusion Book Tour,
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Shrouded In Illusion
H.D. Thomson
Trade Paperback, 348 pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
June 7, 2013
Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Young Adult Fiction


Someone wants Skye Hunter’s son, Tyler, and they’re willing to kill to get him. On the run for her life, Skye turns to the only person she believes can help her—a complete stranger with a shared past.

David Bishop thinks Skye is crazy. But when he realizes she has the same strange phenomenon inside her body that he does—the ability to move objects with her mind, David is forced to question his life, his childhood and his father’s motives. Can these two lost souls uncover the mystery of their telekinetic powers and save Tyler and themselves in the process?


    Skye's lips parted as he moved closer.  The air conditioner on his damp skin didn't cool his suddenly heated skin.

    She edged backward.

    He inched forward.

    "Okay, Bishop."  The ice cubes rattled in her glass as she set it on the counter with a snap.  "That's close enough."

    "Why?  Am I getting to you?"

    "Of course not."

    He stroked a knuckle along the tender skin below her ear.  "Then why is your pulse fluttering like a terrified mouse?"

    "That must be your imagination."  Her throat flexed as she swallowed, but she didn't step away.


    She raised her hand as if to pull his away, but he caught her wrist and brought her palm to his mouth.  He licked the fleshy part below her index finger, inhaling her distinct lavender and feminine scent.  At her indrawn breath, doubts of her lack of sexual interest in him scattered.  David smiled against her hand with satisfaction.

    Soon.  If not tonight, there'd be another time when he'd have her spilling her hidden agenda from between those delectable lips.

    His grip on her wrist tightened.  He wrapped his free arm around her waist and applied pressure to the small of her back until her body grazed his.  The cool cotton of her shirt and shorts brushed against his bare stomach and legs.

    He released her wrist and caught her chin between a finger and thumb, urging her to look up and meet the hunger he knew burned in his eyes.  "I think you like being this close."

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Tour Interview: Shanae Branham, author of DiSemblance

Welcome to this stop on the
DiSemblance Book Tour,
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Bewitching Book Tours!


Shanae Branham
Trade Paperback, 369 pages
CreateSpace, August 20, 2012
Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Young Adult


Jason Tanner’s life has always been different from the ordinary citizen’s. It started when he was an infant and his parents were only teenagers. A computer science prodigy, Lloyd attended MIT but left a pariah in the eyes of the school’s dean—but a computer physics genius in the eyes of his primary investor. Then his theories and ideas created a holographic machine and their world shrunk as contact with the outside world became less and less frequent. A computer prodigy now himself, Jason is about to learn that the world never waits for you if you have the ability to change it: it will come for you.

Jason has been living life through the world of Lloyd’s invention and wishing he could carry on a relationship with Boston, the beautiful girl next door. When his father is murdered and framed as the Comfort Killer, he is brought back to reality in a hurry. He is forced to destroy all of the planted evidence—and finds he is being targeted as the killer’s new fall guy.


Shanae Branham

Maria: How would you describe yourself, both as a writer and a person?

Shanae: Imaginative, fun, and compassionate.

Maria: What inspires you to write? Is it a certain atmosphere, an intriguing article on a scientific breakthrough, a sensory experience, or simply your overstimulated imagination?

Shanae: I would have to say my 'overstimulated imagination'. That truly describes me.

Maria: This novel is an interesting combination of three genres: science fiction, mystery, and young adult fiction. What prompted you to create this very intriguing combination?

Maria: Because of a fantastical element to my plotline (I won't say more, or I will spoil the fun for my readers). I needed to have a very reality-based main character to keep readers grounded. Adding the mystery genre not only gave me a detective to fill this role, but it also provided an interesting way to move the story along.

Maria: DiSemblance has been described as a very fast-paced novel. Were you influenced by cinematic techniques, or any movie in particular?

Shanae: I used screenplay writing story techniques to write the story. In fact, I wrote the screenplay, and then adapted it into a novel.

Maria: Did you have to do any special research in order to write this novel, or do you have technical computer knowledge yourself?

Shanae: Yes, I had to get in touch with the FBI. I also did a lot of computer research on hologram technology.

Maria: In your opinion, what's necessary in order to create a page-turning plot such as this one?

Shanae: You have to meet screenplay writing criteria.

Maria: What qualities does Jason possess that make your readers really root for him?

Shanae: Jason is compassionate, courageous, responsible, and adventurous.

Maria: Who are your favorite science fiction and mystery writers?

Shanae: Terry Brooks and Kate Wilhelm.

Maria: What types of techniques did you learn in your creative writing classes that you feel helped you the most in the writing of this book?

Shanae: I learned how to effectively critique writing. Having a good critique group and test readers is very valuable!

Maria: What project(s) are you currently working on?

Shanae: Five years ago, I wrote a quest, young adult, fantasy novel which I shoved in a drawer for a later time. I  have pulled that novel out and am using it as the basis for designing an online computer game which I can use in the next novel in the DiSemblance series. Right now, I am working on two novels which have plotlines that intersect with the fantasy novel, and the next DiSemblance novel. I am hoping to have them published by the summer of 2014. Here is the pitch for the next DiSemblance novel:

The external drive with the information for building another hologram machine is stolen and sold on the black market. Now someone has hooked it up to the Internet and is forcing kidnapped victims to fight for their lives inside an online computer game. Join Jason, Boston, and Bruce as they are sucked into another life-and-death struggle. See whether or not Boston and Jason's new relationship can survive 'real' life. 

I would like to thank Shanae Branham for 
such an interesting interview!


I am a professional writer with a bachelor's degree in creative writing and a minor in grammar.  I have also attended several years of classes and workshops in screenplay writing at the Los Angeles Screenplay Writer's Expo.

I love suspense thrillers, and am a master at plot and character development.  I enjoy stories with happy endings.  I promise all my readers that when they put one of my books down or walk away from one of my movies, they will be enthused with excitement and joy.  This does not mean there will not be some sad parts, because you have to feel the bitter in order to understand the sweet.

I was born and raised in a small town in Idaho.  I am the second out of six children.  When I was in my early 20's, my mother was killed by a drunk driver.  This one incident drastically changed my life.  I have always had a passion for reading and writing fiction.  Owing to a life-long struggle with dyslexia, early teachers discouraged me from pursuing a career in writing.

As I have spent over twenty years wrestling with my language disabilities -- turning them into professional writing skills, God has honed my insatiable passion into an incredible vision.

My Christian upbringing has instilled within me the belief that "...with God, nothing shall be impossible." (Luke 1:37)  This has sustained me through the hard times.  Because of my language disability, I have had to learn the structure of the English language like other people learn math -- building block upon building block.

I am grateful for this experience because it developed in me a skill and
love for diagramming sentences, which unfortunately is becoming a lost art.

I want my life to be a living testament that with God's help anyone can achieve their worthwhile dreams.  What God requires is the humility to change, a childlike teach-ability to learn, and the patience and persistence to practice and work until their weaknesses are transformed into strengths.

 Shenae Branham Online