Review and Comment Policies


I am currently not accepting unsolicited
book review requests, as
I'm really backed up in my reading.
I am also unable to accept  any
unsolicited author interview requests, or
any other type of book promotion requests.
I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time....
I am still doing book tours,
so I will continue to do any book promotion
through these tours.

If anyone wishes to contact me for 
refer to the email address on my Contact Page.
Thank you for understanding!

FTC Disclosure

In accordance with the current FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising, I hereby state that I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews, and always give my honest opinion of a book, whether I got it from a book tour company, bought it myself, or won it in a blog giveaway.

For Additional Information

Genres and Formats Reviewed
On This Blog

I review Young Adult Fiction, which encompasses the following sub-genres: dystopian fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary romance. I will also occasionally review New Adult Fiction, as well as adult contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance, including urban fantasy. Most of my posts, though, will focus on YA Fiction and its sub-genres.

Although I much prefer to read printed books, I will also review Kindle books from time to time.

Rating System

Thanks to this wonderful free rater provided by Parajunkee Book Services, I am able to place stars in all my reviews. However, this is a four-star rating system, instead of the usual five. Therefore, if I believe a book merits 5 stars, I will add an extra one by putting in the appropriate line of HTML code. Thus, a five-star rating will mean: "Excellent!! I LOVED it!!". Please bear this in mind when reading my book reviews. Hope you enjoy!

Very good! I really liked it!
Good. I liked it, but...
It was just OK...
Awful!! I HATED it!!
Rater by Parajunkee

New Comment Policy

I have had to permanently enable comment moderation, due to a sudden rash of VERY offensive SPAM commentx. 

I don't like comment moderation, but I also don't want or like such spam comments, either. It is NOT my intention to make the commenting process more inconvenient for my visitors and regular readers, but I simply CANNOT and WILL NOT allow offensive spam comments -- or non-spam comments that happen to be offensive --  to be visible on this blog for ANY length of time. 

I have also activated email notification of comments awaiting moderation, so as to get to them as quickly as possible.

A HUGE "thank you" to all of my regular visitors and commenters! And thanks as well for your patience and understanding!

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