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Hi, and welcome to A Night's Dream of Books, which comes to you from sunny (and sometimes too hot) Miami, Florida, USA!  My name is Maria Behar.

I'm a dreamer, and books are my life! I read them constantly and voraciously!!   Our new condo is already full of these lovely treasures, so I am now forced to hold back on buying printed books. Besides, I had to put a lot of my babies in storage, due to the recent move. But I will ALWAYS prefer printed books!

I'm also an aspiring writer. My fan fiction is posted at fanfiction.net, under the name Angelmuse. I have also written some short original fiction, which can be found on my Goodreads profile. I do dream of writing a novel, with my own original plot and characters.... Maybe I will be doing that soon!

I hope you enjoy reading the posts here at A Night's Dream of Books! Please feel free to comment, as well; I love reading your thoughts! Thanks for visiting!!   : )

You may contact me at the email below, except for promotional reasons, as I am currently unable to accommodate unsolicited review and/or interview requests, unless they are through blog tours. I am currently much too busy. Thank you for understanding!


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  1. Hi Maria! Daisy got me the message. Thanks for letting me know! I sent an email as well. I am happy I won! Contact me through twogalsandabook@gmail.com for my address. I hadn't seen any messages from you, and had you not got hold of Daisy, I would never have known! Thanks again! Stacy


THIS IS NOW AN AWARD-FREE, AND TAG-FREE BLOG. Thanks for the compliment, though! : )

As of today, 9/23/18, I have permanently enabled comment moderation, due to a sudden rash of SPAM comments. I appreciate your patience!

Thanks for your thoughts on my posts! I always reply here, as well as comment back on your blog. Have a WONDERFUL day!! :)