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Book Blitz/Giveaway!! Magic Runes, by Devyn Jayse

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Magic Runes
(Magic Runes, Book 1)
Devyn Jayse
Kindle Edition, 133 pages
Devyn Jayse, Publisher
November 28, 2017
Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Meet Carmen Rebello - Rune Witch, owner of the best magic store in Barcelona, and black sheep of her family.

When Carmen successfully removes a spell from a bewitched human, she never thought she would get ensnared in an ongoing Supernatural Bureau of Investigation case. Her life is already complicated by trying to stay hidden from her powerful family members, Carmen can't afford the attention of joining the investigation but the SBI insist on her involvement. Add an annoying (but hot) SBI agent and her life is getting more difficult by the day. Can she help the SBI without exposing her identity?

Magic Runes is the intriguing first novel in the Magic Runes series. If you enjoy stories filled with supernatural creatures, magic and mystery, and a sprinkle of romance in an urban fantasy setting, this is the book for you!

This mini-review is of the excerpt below, and not the entire book. I only do this type of review when a book being promoted REALLY interests me, and this one certainly does!! I can't wait to read it!!


This is a totally fascinating slice of fantasy! I LOVE that Carmen is able to break spells, especially when they weren't supposed to be cast in the first place. This one certainly wasn't, as it's against the law, in this novel, for magical folks to cast spells on humans. 

I am also very interested in the whole runes angle. I'm wondering what specific runes they are. There are many different kinds, and they each have very specific meanings.

Adding to my interest is the fact that one of the characters depicted here is a Fae. Stories including Fae characters are extremely fascinating to me, and will always end up pulling me right in!

Last but not least, the idea of a supernatural FBI is also fun, and very appealing!

This excerpt hooked me right away, with just a few sentences! I KNOW this book is going to make me lose quite a bit of sleep!

My eyes roamed over the desks until they locked on someone who was staring back at me. He was sitting in a guest chair by a desk. He leaned back in the chair in an elegant slouch. The woman across from him ignored him as she typed away furiously on her keyboard.
He smiled at me and got up from his seat, moving with a lithe stride to where I stood. The second he was in motion I immediately identified him as a member of the fae. Only the fae had that kind of grace in movement, as if walking on air. I didn’t have to check behind his dark hair for pointed ears to confirm it, but I glanced anyway when he got close enough to me.
Yup, he was fae.
His moss-green eyes smiled at me. His bone structure was delicate, almost effeminate but there was a strong masculinity in his jaw line. “Welcome to the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation. This is the Magical Division. Are you here for complaints or inquiries?”
“Neither,” I replied.
“I’m Agent Rafael, how can I help you?” His raised eyebrow was the only sign of surprise he displayed. He extended his hand and I returned his shake. Unlike most fae, his grip was strong. I let go.
“I’m Carmen Rebello. I’m here to report a spell placed on a human without the human’s prior knowledge or consent.”
“That’s against the law.” Agent Rafael’s brows lowered into a frown. “What kind of spell was it?”
I bit my lip. “I’m not certain. I managed to undo it but it appeared to be some type of runework.”
“Runework? Are you positive?” His eyes were intent as he waited for my answer.
“Yes, I’ve studied them before. I know what they look like.” I failed to keep the peevish tone out of my voice.
His lips quirked upwards in a little smile. “My apologies. I had to be certain. Could you sense the purpose of the spell?”
“From what I could tell, it was draining the girl’s power. She told me I cleared away the headache she suffered from.”
The agent was so focused on me I stammered the last part.
“Please come along with me.” He turned on his heels and marched away. I followed him as he made his way past the many desks. When we reached halfway down the floor, he turned left and entered an office. The nameplate on the door was engraved with the name Agent Joseph Renalt.
I walked in behind Agent Rafael. A man paced by the window. Stacks of manila folders created towers on the large desk, while sheets of papers and photographs were scattered in disorder.
“Hey, Joe,” Agent Rafael said. “I’ve got someone with a case that sounded familiar. I thought you’d want to hear this.”
Agent Joe stopped his pacing and gave me a curious look, before asking Rafael, “Which case?”
“The girls with the runes.”
“Another dead one? Why haven’t we heard about it? Damn it, they know we’re in charge of this investigation!” He threw himself in his chair and glared at the two of us.
“Because she didn’t die. She was alive,” Rafael replied. He grinned wildly as he pointed at me, “And this woman right here undid the spell.”

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Devyn Jayse writes fantasy novels and is the author of the Dare Valari and Magic Runes series.

Devyn enjoys travel and has lived in many countries around the globe. She is currently based in the Middle East.

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