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Shelf Candy Saturday No. 235: A Carol For Christmas, by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Here's my choice for this week!

A Carol For Christmas
(The Burke Family, Book 1)
Robin Lee Hatcher 
Hardcover, 144 pages
Zondervan Publishing Company
October 1 , 2006
   Christian Fiction, Christmas Romance,
Contemporary Romance

My Thoughts About This Cover

Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of the color pink. However, there's something about this cover that just clicks with me. It could be that the shades of this color displayed here lean more towards hot pink, which I DO like. It's that pale, pastel pink that I totally dislike.  

That GORGEOUS pink heart ornament is delicate and bold at the same time. It's bold in its overall shape, while delicate in its intricate detail. I would LOVE to have such an ornament to hang on my Christmas tree!

The ornament is well framed by the pine tree leaves to the left, while the rest of the cover just GLOWS. The effect is just amazingly beautiful!

While I love the font used for the title, I would have preferred the title to be larger. In contrast, it's the author's name that's larger. I really think the title should always be larger than the author's name, but that doesn't always happen, especially when the author has a great reputation, as this one seems to. (I've never heard of her before.)

What I do like about the title is that it obviously references Dickens's A Christmas Carol. I think that's a very nice touch!

In short, this is really a very simply designed cover, and it's this simplicity that attracts the viewer. It also exudes the warmth and joy of the Christmas season!

Unfortunately, the cover artist is not credited on the book's Copyright page, which I checked in the Amazon reader's preview.... It always makes me sad when cover artist are not given proper credit, as they play a HUGE role in getting a book noticed by readers!  So I will just have to admire this cover, which I consider a PERFECT one for this wonderful season!

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  1. Your SCS posts are making me realize how are artist can take a single color and do so much with it. I also would not have picked this as my favorite color but I also really like this cover. I particularly like the combination of the ornament and branches.

    Great post as always Maria.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      I'm so glad you have been enjoying these posts! And yes, it's so fascinating how these skillful artists can make a GREAT cover through the use of just one color!

      Although I do use pink stars in my reviews, which is ironic, pink is definitely not my favorite color. However, I do like the shade of pink known as "hot pink". That is a very vibrant tone of the color. It's the pastel pink that I really can't stand, lol. It's just such an "anemic" tone, in my honest opinion.

      The combination of the ornament and the branches is indeed a very effective one! I love it, too. I think this is what really caught my eye, when I first saw this cover on Goodreads. I LOVE bold compositions, while at the same time, I am also captivated by intricate details. This cover has both, and so, I find it to be a total visual delight!

      As you can see from my sidebar, I have already bought this book! Because of the time factor (the Christmas season will soon be over), I purchased the Kindle edition, but I do want to get the printed book later on. I'm enjoying the story!

      Thanks for the compliment, and for the interesting comment, as always! Hope you have a FAB week!! <3 :)


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