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Book Blitz/Giveaway!! Searching, by Cindy Cipriano

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(The Fading Series, Book 2)
Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Clean Teen Publishing
July 20, 2018
Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult Fiction

FEBRUARY 26, 2019!!

A fast-paced fantasy romance with rich characters and immersive storytelling, Searching is the second book in the Fading series by award-winning author Cindy Cipriano.
To say Leath is traveling light is an understatement. She's only bringing three things on her trip. One is a silver heart locket—a gift from her longtime best-friend-turned-boyfriend Victor Santana. Next is a wedding token in the shape of a "J", from James Turner. And of course, she's packing her pistol. That's it. She knows that when she leaves Woodvine, even her own mother may not remember her in the shifted reality that will be left behind. Bringing anything else would be pointless. But she's driven now, by something that eclipses everything else, something she just got back: her memories. And now that she remembers James—she won't stop searching until she finds him.


Clean Teen Publishing Interviews the Author 

One-liner for Searching? 

How far would you search for "The One"?

More details? 

Leath is packing light: just her two lockets (one from Victor, one from James), and of course, her pistol.  She knows that when she leaves Woodvine, even her own mother may not remember her in the shifted reality that will be left behind.  But she’s driven by something that eclipses everything else: her recovered memories.  Now that she remembers James, she won’t stop searching until she finds him.

Where did the idea for Searching come from? 

Searching is the second book in The Fading Series. Searching takes up immediately where Fading left off, just as Leath puts her foot down inside Judaculla. 

What genre is Searching? 

Young Adult.
But – the entire series crosses genres. It’s a paranormal, dystopian, Young Adult romance mash-up. Searching is also a crossover, appealing to Young Adults and up.

Who would enjoy reading Searching? 

Fans of Fading who are waiting to find out if it’s Victor or James.
And, anyone who has ever been in love with two people at the same time.

James is sort of a two-sides-to-one-coin kind of guy. Was it difficult, writing his character? 

Definitely, but so worth it!
He’s drop-dead gorgeous and funny, but he hovers over dark territory. It was a challenge writing him because I wanted my readers to see what Leath sees in James. In Searching, fans will see just how deep James’s feelings for Leath go.  

And Leath’s other love interest, Victor, was it hard to write him? 

Not a bit.
*sighs again*
Victor is the definition of the perfect guy. He’s good-looking, funny, confident and charismatic. Not to mention he has an exceptionally beautiful heart. 

Who is your favorite character in Searching? 

Ever continues to be my favorite character. She’s the girl you love to hate. I think we’re all hoping that in the end, she’ll do the right thing. The problem is we lose faith in her each time she opens her mouth. As I continue writing the series -- I’m currently working on Book Three -- James is fast becoming a close second to Ever as my favorite character. I think readers will enjoy watching James’s growth from Fading to Searching to where I am now in writing the series. 

Who designed the cover of Searching? 

The talented Marya Heidel. Isn’t it stunning?!

How many books are in the Fading series?

 There will be at least 4 books in the series.

How can readers keep up with you and the Fading series? 

Anything and everything about The Fading Series can be found at Clean Teen Publishing or

Favorite lines from Searching

I wanted to touch him. So I did.
(page 1)

The first time I held hands with Victor Santana, it wasn't romantic. Not at all.
(page 3)

Victor's strong hand cradled mine, and he became my tether to reality.
(page 3)

His warm lips brushed against my ear as he whispered three little words. "I can wait."
(page 6)

Name: James Turner. Age: 17. Parents: Emancipated Minor.
(pages 10 - 11)

"I don't usually get this close to a girl, unless I'm going to kiss her," said the boy, giving me a playful grin.
(page 23)

When we were apart, it seemed as if all of eternity passed before I saw him again.
(page 110)

To one boy, I'd gladly give my heart. To the other, my life.
(page 130)

I wondered how long a person could live like this, so completely torn in half.
(page 130)

She could have any boy in the restaurant. Why was she falling all over mine?
(page 147)

But right now I had him. The boy of my dreams.
(page 174)

"I will never stop loving you," he said. "Not even in death."
(page 268)

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 Cindy Cipriano lives in North Carolina with her husband, son and their 27 pets. 

Not really. 

Just three dogs who think they are children and three cats who think they are raccoons. It only seems as if they make 27. When Cindy isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and the avoidance of cooking. 

Cindy's first novel, The Circle, Book One of The Sidhe, won the 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Award for Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy. Other titles in the series include The Choice, Book Two of The Sidhe (2015) and The Lost, Book Three of The Sidhe (2017). This seven-book series is published by Odyssey Books. 

Miller's Island Mysteries Number 1, The Case of the Toxic River (2017) is the first in her eleven-book science mystery series (Vulpine Press). Number Two, The Case of the Catalyst, will release in 2018.

Fading, the first in her Young Adult series, was published in April, 2018. (Clean Teen Publishing). Fading is the tale of first loves and the consequences of dreaming up Mr. Right.


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