Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Echo Moon Giveaway Winner!!!

Echo Moon
(Ghost Gifts, Book 3)
Laura Spinella
Trade Paperback, 428 pages
Montlake Romance
May 22, 2018
Fantasy, Magical Realism, 
Paranormal Fiction, Romance

A past life, a past war, and a past love. Peter St John can’t foresee a future until he confronts his past sins.
When photojournalist Peter St John returns home after a two-year absence, the life he’s been running from catches up. For years his mother’s presence, coupled with Pete’s own psychic gift, has triggered visits to 1917. There, he relives battles of the Great War, captures the heyday of Coney Island on canvas, and falls in love with an enchanting and enigmatic songstress named Esme. Present-day Pete still pines for Esme, and his love endures…but so does his vivid memory of killing her.

When he discovers family heirlooms that serve as proof of his crimes, Pete will have to finally confront his former life. He also meets a young woman—who is more than what she seems—with a curious connection to his family. As century-old secrets unravel, can Pete reconcile a murder from his past before it destroys his future?

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This giveaway started at midnight, 6/25/18, and ended at 
midnight on 7/2/18.

And the winner is.....
Brian @ Babbling Books!
 He has already claimed his prize!!

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  1. Thanks again for hosting the giveaway. You know, when I was younger and lived closer I used to visit Coney Island fairly frequently. In addition, my father, who was World War II generaltion and who grew up in Brooklyn, would tell me stories of its glory days. That is another reason why this book sounds interesting.

    Have a great 4th of July!

    1. Hi, Brian!

      You're very welcome!! Thanks to you for participating!! <3 <3

      Oh, you're SO lucky to have been able to go to Coney Island as often as you did!! I've never been there! Yes, I have visited NYC, but I was only there for about 2 weeks, mostly holed up in a hotel room. That was when I was 9, and my family had arrived from Spain, where we had gone after leaving Cuba. The adults were busy running errands related to our entry into the U.S., so there really was no time for sightseeing..... :(

      WOW, your dad was a WWII vet? I'm sure he had some VERY interesting stories to tell! And yeah, I've heard that Brooklyn had its glory days in the past!

      I'm glad this book has brought back some fascinating, as well happy, memories for you!! ENJOY!! :) :)

      Since I'm writing this on the evening of July 6, I'll tell you that we had a very nice time! Hope you guys did, too!! <3 :)


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