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Shelf Candy Saturday No. 255: The Sisters of the Winter Wood, by Rena Rossner

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Here's my choice for this week!

The Sisters of the Winter Wood
Rena Rossner
Hardcover, 464  pages
September 25, 2018
Fantasy, Magical Realism

My Thoughts About This Cover

I first came across this STUNNING cover on the wonderful blog, Books of Teacups, created by Anna Cuneo! You can find that post HERE

This cover strikes me as a very elegant, festive, "Christmasy" cover, although I know it has nothing at all to do with that holiday. It could be that, in addition to the elegant, festive feel of this image, the mention of the word "winter" in the title also makes me think of that beautiful holiday.

Although I do prefer silver to gold, in terms of jewelry, when it comes to book covers, I love them both! And this particular cover shows off the tones of gold SO beautifully.....

The various tones of gold, from light to dark, also give an illusion of depth and three dimensions to this image. The intertwining, gnarled branches form a beautiful, naturally-ornamented frame around the title. Woven into them are several objects that obviously have something to do with this story. At the top, an equally gnarled crown alludes to the rule of a kingdom.

Since I have read the book's synopsis, I know the golden animals are shapeshifting sisters; one is a swan, and the other, a bear. However, the fact that they're calmly standing together, instead one attacking the other, is another hint that these are not ordinary animals. Also, they seem to be discussing something.

In addition to the "Christmasy" feel to this cover, it has a magical, fairy tale feel, and a touch of whimsy, too. Is it obvious yet that I'm totally smitten? 

The font used for the title and author's name is a classic one, except that the letters "R",  "S" and "W" have been somewhat embellished. The font also contributes to the cover's overall elegance. 

The brilliant cover artist is Rebecca Yanovskaya, and the cover designer is Lauren Panepinto.

Yanovskaya graduated from the Illustration Program at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. This is a polytechnic institute that grants diplomas and degrees, and is based in Ontario, Canada. 

Yanovskaya is most likely of Russian descent, and this is noticeable in her work, which is done with a combination of ballpoint pen and gold leaf. This is quite a unique and remarkable artistic technique. A freelance illustrator, Yanovskaya has been influence by several sources, such as Pre-Raphaelite art, theatrical costuming, and neoclassical art. She creates illustrations with fantasy, science fiction, and horror elements. Some of her clients include the Royal Canadian Mint, Princessa Productions, Easton Press, and Magpie Games. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Lauren Panepinto is a combination of many things, such as Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, writer, and teacher. 

Panepinto is currently the Creative Director of the Orbit Books division of the Hachette Book Group. She has designed covers for several client/writers, such as Iain Banks, Mira Grant, James S. A. Corey, Brent Weeks, and Gail Carriger, as well as many others.

Panepinto has also written articles on fantasy and science fiction, for ImagineFXmagazine,, She has also acted as judge for the Society of Illustrators in New York and L.A.

A graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC, she has degrees in Graphic Design and Advertising. 

I envy Lauren Panepinto not only for her diverse career, but also because she has blue hair! Lol.

It's more than obvious that these two form a dynamite team! And they're now on my evergrowing list of Favorite Cover Illustrators and Designers!!

Online Links
Rebecca Yanovskaya

 Lauren Panepinto

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  1. It has a very fairytale flavour to it. I would probably pick up the book in a shop to look st because of that.

    1. Hi, Sue!

      Yes, indeed it does! I've already added this book to my Goodreads shelves!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 <3 :) :)

  2. It's a beautiful cover, Maria and looks as if the physical book is embossed so it would be lovely to touch. Thank you for sharing this one:))

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Yes, it SURE is!! Glad you like it, too!!

      I think you're right -- the cover DOES look embossed. This book is now on my Goodreads shelves!

      You're very welcome for the share! Thanks to you for commenting!! HUGS!! <3 <3 :) :)


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