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Shelf Candy Saturday #78: Enchantment, by Charlotte Abel

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This is my choice for this week!

Charlotte Abel
Trade Paperback, 364 pages
August 17, 2011
(first published June 17, 2011)

Why do I love this cover?

It should be obvious by now that I'm very partial to blue  covers....  This one is very appropriate for the title!   After all, there's indeed an enchantment in first love....

I love everything about this cover, from the gorgeous blue night sky, to the glorious full moon, to the silhouetted young lovers, who are surrounded by a magical, misty haze.... Of course, I also love the twinkling stars sprinkled all over the bottom of the cover.  They, too, add to the magical feel of the image.

Some people might say that this is a rather cliché image.  That may be so, but I think it's done in such a gently beautiful way, that I can't help loving it!  I think it's very well designed. 

The font used for the title is graceful, and very enchanting indeed!  It has a somewhat medieval look to it, as well, which contributes to its appeal.

Sadly, this cover has been changed, because I can't find it at any online bookstore.  Since this is an indie publication, it's not available through The Book Depository, and of course, Fishpond doesn't have it, either.  Of course, I'm unable to get any information on the artist and/or designer.

These are the covers I've found on Amazon.  Needless to say, they don't appeal to me in the least, when I compare them to the cover above.

This is the paperback cover shown on
the book's Amazon (US) page.

This is the cover for the Kindle edition, which is shown
both on Amazon US and Amazon UK.
Since I utterly detest ebooks, I would never be
interested in acquiring this edition,
even though it's free!

As you can see, there's even a difference between the paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.  The original font for the title has been retained on the paperback edition, but changed to a very stark, completely unappealing one on the Kindle edition.  As for the image used, it's the same one on each, but the paperback edition has a close-up of the one used for the Kindle edition. 

I still prefer the original blue cover, and am very disappointed that it's been changed.... I'm now trying to locate a copy of this edition through such used book sites as Alibris and Abebooks.

What do you think of my choice?
Do you agree with my opinion
of these covers?
Leave me a comment
and let me know! 


  1. Yeah, the moon one is the best cover. It somewhat reminds me of that scene in the Little Mermaid where Ariel is in the boat with the prince.

    1. Hey, Vonnie!

      I'm so glad you agree! I don't know why publishers make these stupid decisions....Okay, so maybe the blue cover is not that original, but it's STILL the most beautiful! And the other two covers are totally ridiculous, I think. What does a close-up of a girl's face and a boy on a bike have to do with enchantment?

      About "The Little Mermaid"....would you believe I've never seen the movie? Well, I'm definitely going to see it now! Lol.

      Thanks so much for commenting!! : )

  2. I really do like the blue cover. It is interesting how many covers a single book can have. Most recently, I was looking at all the covers for The Uninvited Guests. All of them are quite lovely, but I found it odd that there are so many.

    1. Hi, Belle!

      Unquestionably, the blue cover is the best. In the case of this book, I can't locate a copy with the blue cover anywhere. Maybe I need to look harder....but it seems likely that this was the original cover, which was later changed.

      The plot is terrific, so maybe I'll just have to resign myself to buying the paperback with the existing cover....sigh.... As you know, I don't read ebooks, so i'm not AT ALL interested in the Kindle edition!! I don't care that it's free, either!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  3. Here is my post. Sorry it is late.

    Kathy at

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      Actually, this meme is no longer a blog hop. But hey, I'm happy to have you!! Welcome!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!! I'm going to go over and check out your own SCS choice!! : )


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