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INNOVATIVE ONLINE BOOK TOURS: Guest Post #9/Giveaway - Andrew Cort, author of The Door Is Open

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Dr. Andrew Cort

Andrew Cort
Paperback, 186 pages
May 19, 2012
Nonfiction, Religion, Mythology,

Dr. Andrew Cort is an authority on religion and spirituality, as well as mythology, politics, history, science, education, and healing.  He has written several books on these topics.  His most recent one, The Door Is Open, deals with the fascinating topic of the steps to spiritual awakening, as presented in world scriptures and mythologies.  Please join me in welcoming Dr. Cort to A NIGHT'S DREAM OF BOOKS!

I hope you will find this post to be as fascinating and thought-provoking as I did!


When engaged in our scientific way of knowing, a human being stands in requisite isolation outside of the creation, as an inquiring, analytic, ‘onlooker’ -- and from this standpoint it is reasonable that we can make nature subservient to our intellect and our will. From this sensible, useful vantage point, come all our noteworthy achievements in science and technology, and the economic growth and abundance that these occasion. But as a spectator to life and creation, science itself has no, and needs no, intrinsic system of ethics: ethics must come from within life. Unfortunately, because this detached modern endeavor is so little informed by traditional wisdom, for all our incredible know-how and frenzied attempts to transform the whole world, we are increasingly helpless before the world we are creating. A moment’s reflection upon the stunning developments taking place each day in the worlds of computers, weaponry, genes, and clones, provides sufficient verification for this statement.

Traditional ways-of-knowing live on, of course, and most of us retain at least a vague feeling that there must be some sense and significance ‘behind it all’. But we are hesitant to allow these vague feelings to carry the same weight as scientific facts, they are not really considered to have anything to do with authentic ‘important’ knowledge, and we may even feel somewhat ashamed to harbor such ‘irrational feelings’. Yet there is no rational justification for such an unexamined attitude -- it is just a symptom of our jaded indifference, our deeply ingrained submissiveness to the current scientific vogue.

Socrates declared that the soul is immortal. This may or may not be true. But the truth of this statement cannot be decided one way or another by anything scientists have to tell us. In fact, if the great questions and issues of human life still matter to us, we cannot depend on science to solve the riddles for us. This is not a task that can be delegated.


Author Bio

Andrew Cort is an expert on the inner message of Spiritual Awakening that is always ready to be found in the wonderful stories of the Bible and Greek Mythology. To receive several FREE GIFTS from Dr. Cort (a copy of Chapter One, ‘Making the Decision’, from his new book, THE DOOR IS OPEN; a copy of his article on RECONCILING SCIENCE AND RELIGION; and a complete version of the Bible’s erotic masterpiece, SONG OF SONGS , adapted as a Poetic Dialogue to be read out loud by lovers; as well as a subscription to his SPIRITUAL GROWTH NEWSLETTER) click here . You can also learn more on his blog, Spirituality and Religion.



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  1. I definitely agree that when it comes to ethics, feelings, how to live one's life, etc., the scientific method is not the primary path one should to take in making choices.

    However on the "nuts and bolts" issues of how things work in the Universe I think that science is the only way to truth. For instance, if there is life after death, I firmly believe that using the scientific method would be the only way that we would ever know it.

    Great stuff written here as usual!

  2. Hey, Brian!

    Thank you so much for appreciating these guest posts!! Your comments on them are always interesting, and address the subject matter of the post, instead of simply stating "great post", or "interesting insights". That's why I enjoy reading your comments so much!!

    Thanks again for stopping by!! : )


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