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CHARADE Read-Along: First Week's Questions

Welcome to the first week of
the long-awaited
Charade Read-Along!!!
This exciting YA paranormal romance,
written by Cambria Hebert,
is the second in her acclaimed
Heven and Hell series!!
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Week 1: Chapters 1 -6 Discussion Questions
1.) Charade begins with Heven cutting off a lot of the hair she used to hide behind.  Her haircut turns out really good.  Have you ever had a bad haircut?  Tell us about it.  And SHOW PICTURES.  LOL!
Years ago, I did get a bad haircut once, but I didn't take any pictures of it.  I didn't want any reminders for the future!  I was glad when the hair grew out.  In more recent years I've let my hair grow long, simply getting trims every now and then, so I haven't had any more bad haircuts!
In Heven's case, cutting off most of her hair was a symbolic statement that she no longer needed to hide behind her hair.  She was now going to show her new self-confidence to the world.  We women tend to make such statements whenever we experience major shifts in our ways of looking at our life circumstances.  We still have a need for our outer appearance to reflect our inner changes.  I wonder if this is because so much of a woman's self-esteem is still tied to how she appears to the world at large.
2.)  What do you think about Heven and Cole's relationship?
In the first novel, Masquerade, it was obvious that they were only friends.  Then things started to change, especially in Charade; Cole began to show some interest in Heven, who clearly still saw him mostly as a friend, although she did feel an inexplicable pull toward him.  At this point, I was reminded of Bella's feelings toward Jacob, in New Moon, the second book of The Twilight Saga.  However, Heven never did feel romantic love toward Cole, as Bella eventually did for Jacob.  I was very glad when the incipient love triangle was quickly resolved, too, because I didn't want Sam to have any rivals!  Also, I didn't want to continue reading about all the inner torment participants in such triangles inevitably go through. 
3.)  A new character is introduced in these chapters -- Gemma.  What are your thoughts on her?  Any predictions?
To be honest, my first thought was that she really should have stepped in much sooner to help Sam and Heven.  Perhaps she saw the need to do so now that the scroll has entered the picture.  There are many lives at stake now, after all.  
I really like Gemma!  She's totally unpredictable, powerful, and a great mentor.  Since she's a supernatural being, she's also quite mysterious.  Heven and Sam have certainly found a formidable ally!
As for predictions, since Cambria has hinted that Cole seems to feel attracted to her, I think there will be a new romantic couple in the novel pretty soon!  Aside from romance, I also predict that Gemma will play a huge role in Heven and Sam's quest.
4.)  There are a lot of demons running around in Charade.  What do you think would be the best weapon to fight them?
In the case of demons that manifest as evil spirits, I think the best weapon would be prayer.  Exorcists in the Catholic Church use the name of Jesus, too.  Since this is paranormal fantasy, and the demons manifest as physical entities, I think a good symbol for prayer would be a flaming sword that would slice right through the demons, reducing them to ash. 
5.) Sam is very close with his brother and feels responsible for him.  Do you have any siblings?  What is your relationship with them like?
I have two sisters, both younger than me.  Neither one shares my love of books, so they've never been into attending book lectures or hanging out in bookstores for hours.  In that sense, the three of us aren't close at all.  We are close in other ways, though.   
I've always felt very protective toward my younger sister.  She's the baby of the family, and I'm nine years older than her.  She's an accomplished pianist, and loves classical music, which is something we do have in common. 
All three of us live in Miami, and do visit each other frequently.  In recent years, as our parents have grown older, we've gotten closer.  We get along without arguing, most of the time, which sure wasn't the case when we were younger!  Sometimes we get together for lunch or dinner, and talk and talk,  until the waitress starts giving us dirty  Although we each have our own lives and problems, we know that, if one of us needs help, the other two will come through for her.     

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  1. My hair is long and mostly just trimmed so I haven't had any bad haircuts in a long time either. I liked that Heven decided to make a change and stop hiding. I like Heven and Cole's friendship. Heven does have a pull towards him and I think it will be something about is aura and his moms strange reaction to her. Gemma seems cool cut I'm also wondering why she wouldn't step in sooner! Yay for swords to kill demons. I think we have some natural instincts to protect friends and family. Thanks so much for joining the read-along!

  2. Hey Maria! I am so happy to see you here and I loved this post! what an awesome job you did answering the questions. I have in the past few years been letting my hair grow too.... maybe its because I have had bad cuts as well. Protect the hair!! LOL!
    Very insightful answer about fighting demons. I would have to agree that prayer would be a great weapon. After all God is the ultimate protector. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your sisters. I am an only child and I think it would be nice to have that kind of relationship. And I agree I am glad as well that there is no love triangle between Sam, Heven and Cole. I am not a big fan of love triangles (thought sometimes they work).
    Thank you so much for participating! I loved your post!

  3. Hi, Jennifer!

    I'm so happy to be participating in this read-along, as well as thankful that you're hosting it!

    I think most of us share the same opinions about Heven & Cole's relationship, Gemma, and how to fight demons. What's unique to each of us is our hair stories! Lol.

    You're very welcome for my participation in the read-along. I knew I simply couldn't miss it!! And it's pain-free, too, not like the one for "Anna Karenina"...

    Thanks for the terrific comment!! (I'm on my lunch hour right now, so I'm having a field day! Lol.)

  4. Hey, Cambria!

    I just HAD to participate in this read-along!! After all, I was one of the people who begged and BEGGED you for it!!

    Thank you so much for complimenting my post! I LOVE "Charade" just as much as I did "Masquerade", because you've created terrific characters, and woven a really exciting plot around them!! So I thank you for writing this series; without it, there would of course be no read-along!!

    Thanks for the wonderful comment!! : )

  5. I certainly wouldn't mind a flaming sword to fight off demons. Nice choice.
    I also love Gemma and can't wait to read more about her and Cole. :)

  6. Hey, Veronica!

    Yeah, that's the first thing that came into my mind, in a very vivid way!

    I hope Gemma and Cole will be an item before too long! He can do SU much better than Kimber!!!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  7. You always take the time to post such insightful answers.
    I am glad to hear you only had one bad hair cut. I have had many! I grow my hair out and then get it cut off and then back out. I love my hair long but with the arrival of my kids I don't have time to mess with it so I keep getting it cut, It is shoulder length now. Oh yes a nice long flaming sword would be good. I don't want to take a chance of having one come near me. Demons freak me out! I really am glad the whole love triangle thing never came to fruition because I detest them! I am glad to hear you are close to your sisters. My sis and I both read like crazy. I don't know what I would do without my siblings, I just wish they lived closer! Great answers!


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