Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday #55: Elegy, by Tara Hudson

This is a weekly book meme, hosted by
which features future releases that
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!

Here's my pick for this week!

(Hereafter #3)
Tara Hudson
Hardcover, 400 pages
Harper Teen
July 4, 2013
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA

From the Goodreads Synopsis

A stalker ghost, misguided Seers, and spellbinding wraiths—Amelia Ashley has faced them all. Now her greatest hope is to spend the rest of her afterlife with her living boyfriend, Joshua. But the demonic forces return to give her an ultimatum: turn herself over to the darkness or watch them murder one living person per week until she does.

I LOVE the combination of
ghosts and romance!!
I've been hooked on this type
of thing
ever since I read my first such book,
Tryst, by the British author
Elswyth Thane.
There's just something about
this combination that 
makes me dive into a book and
forget everything else!!
I do have the first novel in this series,
and it's in my TBR pile,
so we'll see how it goes....
But I can barely wait until this book
is published!
I want it right this very minute!
Especially since it has
such a gorgeous blue cover!!!

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What do you think of my choice?
What gorgeous book(s)
are you all anxiously awaiting
this week?


  1. I'm a thriller, paranormal, mystery, horror kind of reader and this romance and scary combination is very very interesting!

  2. Hi, Anne!

    Well, I haven't read the first book in this series, but like I said in the post, this type of romance novel just fascinates me!! I don't like the horror genre (much too scary for me!), but I do love paranormal romance and urban fantasy!!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  3. I agree-- gorgeous cover! I haven't read the first Hereafter book, either, but it sounds interesting. A stalker ghost, on the other hand sounds terrifying. I like romance mixed with horror/urban fantasy type of books, too. Anyway, great pick!

  4. Hey, Kat!

    I don't like horror myself, but the idea of a stalker ghost DOES sound a bit scary...but heck, I want to read this series anyway!! I sure hope the stalker ghost doesn't win in the end!!!!

    Thanks for the comment!!! : )

  5. I am also a big fan of Tryst but Elswyth Thane was a bestselling *American* author although an Anglophile. She was born in Iowa but came to NY as a young woman where she met William Beebe (who sounds brilliant and charismatic but was not a faithful husband, alas). I highly recommend her Williamsburg novels which begin with Dawn's Early Light.

  6. Hi, CLM!

    I stand corrected. She was indeed an American author! I checked her out on Google. To be honest, "Tryst" is the only book of hers I've ever read. I don't know that her other books would interest me as much as her classic ghost romance, but I can certainly try a couple to see how I like them.

    She certainly gives the perfect British atmosphere to "Tryst" -- so much so that I took her to be an Englishwoman! Well, that's certainly a tribute to her skills as a writer.

    Thanks for the very informative comment!! : )


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