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CHARADE READ-ALONG: Fourth Week's Discussion Questions

Welcome to the fourth and final
week of the long-awaited
Charade Read-Along!!!

This exciting YA paranormal romance,
written by Cambria Hebert,
is the second in her acclaimed
Heven and Hell series!!
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for all participants!
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Week 4: Chapters 21 - 24 Discussion Questions

1.)  Did you have a favorite part in this book?

I would have to say that I really enjoyed the entire book.  However, I particularly liked reading about how Sam went into Heven's dream and was able to find the thread that allowed the Dream Walker to get into her head, and thus, her dreams.  I loved it when Sam broke the connection!  It was fascinating to read about this, and I applaud Cambria for being so imaginative!

2.)  The characters travel to hell in hopes of getting the scroll back.  Where is the WORST place you have ever been?

I can't say that I've been anywhere that was so terrible.  To me, the worst place would be one in which there would be human suffering all around me.  Thankfully, I haven't been anywhere like that!  I know, however, that there are such places in the world, and this saddens me, because there's not much I can do about it. 

I would have to say that, instead of the WORST place, I have been in the WORST situation -- my first marriage.  Why I was so blind, I don't know... I thank God that I was finally able to see him for who he really was!  And it was all because of a book, too -- a wonderful book, Women Who Love Too Much,  by therapist Robin Norwood.  So, anyone who says that books are always an escape from reality is totally wrong!

3.)  Heven steps in front of a chain to protect Sam and is injured.  She will be scarred again.  Do you think she will act the same way as before, or do you think that she is a different person now?

She's definitely a different person now -- much more self-confident, as well as emotionally stronger.  She won't be hiding herself behind a wall of hair anymore!  Instead, she will face the world around her fearlessly, not allowing herself to be defined by her scars.  She knows who she is -- a very valuable human being, and one with an extra special purpose.  She won't care if not everybody can see her inner beauty.  Besides, she has Sam's love, and that will be more than enough for her! 

4.)  We now know why Logan was acting so odd.  How do you think he will be now that the demon is gone?

I think he'll be like any normal 14-year-old boy, except, of course, that he's a hellhound, so he's not quite your average teen boy.  That sinister behavior will definitely be gone though, so he and Heven will be getting along the way they would have, had the demon not been in there.  Sam will be relieved to see that his brother is completely himself.  Also, I think Logan will now, with his big brother's help, be more accepting of his hellhound self.

5.)  Any predictions for the next book in the series, Tirade?

Well, I can't wait to see what part Riley plays in it!  I know he's a bad boy, so he'll probably get into fights with Sam, or Logan, or Cole, or maybe all three.  It would be interesting if he and Gemma got into a fight, too.  Who knows -- he might even try to steal her from Cole!  But I can't see her giving in to him, even if he does try to do that.  She's much too savvy for that.

Now that I've mentioned Gemma and Cole, I have to say that I think their relationship will really get going, in this book.  And Kimber will be stewing in her own juices!  She'll most likely be around to stir up more trouble.  I don't doubt this for a minute!  

I wonder if Cambria is thinking of continuing the series beyond Tirade...  If she decided to do so, I'd be so happy!!  (Hint, hint, Cambria!  Lol.)

So we have now come to the end of this read-along, and, of course, that makes me just a little bit sad...  I've enjoyed it tremendously!  I love this second novel in the series!!  The characters are wonderful, the plot is terrific, and I've greatly enjoyed reading the answers of other participants in this fun event! 

It's hard to say good-bye, but then, I'll be looking forward to the TIRADE READ-ALONG!!!   After all, we need to have one for the third book, just like we did for the first two.  Right, Cambria? 

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  1. I really lked the dream thread scene as well. It kind of reminded me of a similar scene in the Mercedes Thompson series where the pack master went inside her head to repair the thread that was her bond with her werewolf mate Adam. I know there are so many truly horrible places and it is sad to think of and I am grateful I haven't truly been in those places. I'm glad a book helped you! I think books can make a great difference in lives on top of being a great escape. Heven is way stronger and she does have Sam's love to help her through it. I hope Logan is better now and will be able to get along with Sam and Heven. I am really curious to meet Riley and well and see what is gets up to. I hope Cole and Gemma get hotter and I hope Heven saves Sam!

  2. I remember I was happily sursprised by the dream part in this book. Very creative.
    I also believe that books can help people with their actual lives. They are so much more than just a way to spend your time.
    I know that Cambria is planning a fourth book in the series so there is so much more to come. :)

  3. Great post!!!! I said the same scene for my favorite as well! Great minds think a like!
    I loved your predictions as well for Tirade.... I guess we will see if they are true or not!
    There will be one more book after Tirade called Renegade. :)
    And also remember, Logan isn't really a Hellhound, it was the demon that was trapped inside him that made everyone beleive he was a Hellhound. now he is just a boy.

    Thank you so much for joining in the read along every week! I really enjoyed your answers and visiting your blog!


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