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CHARADE READ-ALONG: Second Week's Discussion Questions

Welcome to the second week of
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written by Cambria Hebert,
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Heven and Hell series!!
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Week 2: Chapters 7 -13 Discussion Questions
1.)  Heven's mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn't really like.  Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend or family member's significant other?  Did you tell them, or just try to get along?
Well, one of my sisters once had a boyfriend whom I didn't quite like.  He was a librarian, so you would have thought he would have been harmless, right?  Lol.  It turned out that he was cheating on my sister with an ex-girlfriend!  He and my sister were almost engaged, too.  She got suspicious when he started making excuses that he 'wasn't ready to make a commitment just yet'.  When she found out about his cheating, she immediately ended the relationship.
In my own case, my family never liked my first husband.  I was so much in love, though, that I couldn't see who he really was, until I found out the hard way...  Of course, the marriage ended in divorce.
2.)  Kimber is acting weird....weirder than usual.  Any predictions?  Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?
I have to be very honest here... I have never liked Kimber.  Nor have I ever trusted her.  My dislike for her goes back to the first book, Masquerade.  She just came across as a phony to me from the get-go.  The way she used Sam in order to get back at Cole was totally disgusting.  If you really love someone, and they slip up the way Cole did, you don't turn around and start coming on to someone else!  You need to have a conversation with your significant other first, and give them a second chance.  After all, Cole did nothing more than kiss another girl, and it was on a dare, too.  Stupid thing for him to do, of course, but Kimber's reaction was way over the top!
As for predictions, I'm wondering if Kimber hasn't made some sort of pact with the devil.  I don't know of any other explanation.  Or maybe she's now possessed....shudder!
3.)  Heven is getting a new 'supernatural' power.  If you could have one, which would you choose?
Wow, this is a hard one....there are so many powers I'd love to have, but I think I'll go with the power to read minds whenever I wanted.  (Yes, I would definitely not want to do this all the time; imagine all the mental chatter!)
This would be great for the purpose of finding out who is and isn't a phony in my life.  Although that can often be detected from a person's facial expression and body language, it would still be useful to know exactly what they're thinking about me.  Thus, I would know if I could trust them.
4.)  In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole.  Were you surprised?
Yes, I was!  Never in a million years did I expect to find out what I found out about him!  It gives me a sense of relief, though.  This piece of information sure explains a lot about him that we didn't know before.  It also resolves a dilemma that was getting more and more complicated.
5.)  Heven has someone invading her dreams.  What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?
Thank God, I've never had an experience like Heven's!  That must be horrible! 
Dreams are fascinating, because they're messages from the unconscious mind.  I don't usually remember my dreams, but when I do, I know they're pretty vivid, and in full color, too.  
If you don't write a dream down, it's soon forgotten, unfortunately.  However, I do remember, somewhat vaguely, two dreams I had years ago. 
The first one, which I think I had around the age of 6 or 7, concerned my dad and me.  I dreamed that we were both detectives, working together on a case.  I was his assistant.  I don't remember much more than that. 
I had the second dream when I was older, maybe in my late teens or early twenties -- I really can't recall.  I do remember more details about this dream.  I was riding a horse on a carrousel.  Suddenly, the horse came alive, and jumped off the carrousel, with me still aboard!  He started galloping off down a country road.  It was night, and the moon was full.  The carrousel, with its merry lights and music, was soon swallowed up by the darkness. There was a dark forest to one side of the road.  Suddenly, the horse started to shrink from right under me!  He kept getting smaller and smaller, until I was left by myself, standing on my own two feet, alone in that moonlit, country area... it was a scary feeling.  Before the horse disappeared, I had no idea where he was taking me.  When I was finally left alone, I had no idea what to do...I didn't even know where I was.  I must have woken up then, because I don't remember anything else.  I was left with a feeling of heavy uneasiness when I woke up. 
I must have written this one down somewhere, because I do remember more about it than I do about the first one.  It also helped that I was much older when I had this dream.  I guess my unconscious, for some reason, decided to illustrate one of my biggest fears -- being totally alone, with no loved ones around me, no idea of where I am or where to go.
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  1. Sometimes friends and family do see the guy better since we have our love blinders on. It is always a sticky situation. I never liked Kimber either. She never treated Heven right and has always been way too jealous. She is up to something evil! With that window and box! I'd love to read minds as well but yes with control not always! I was shocked about Cole especially after everything that happened. It did fix the dilemma and now they can remain great friends. The horse dream was interesting. I actually remember a ton of my dreams! LOL They are crazy and some are hard to explain though.

  2. Hi! great to see you this week!
    I have to say i'm sorry to hear about your sister's cheating librarian fiance but at least she found out before they got married!
    And what a bummer about your divorce. :( But, your dreams sound so detailed and vivid! A carousel horse - what an adventure! lol.
    Yes, the surprise about Cole is the best! I can hear people letting out their breath that there is No love triangle, LOL!

    I can tell you put a lot of thought into your answers! great job and thanks for being part of the read along!

  3. Hi, Jennifer!

    Oh, yeah, your relatives can DEFINITELY see things in your significant other than you yourself can't! The mind of a person in love is clouded by their emotions (all those endorphins!), so they can't see their beloved objectively.

    Glad you agree about Kimber. I think a LOT of us readers of Cambria's wonderful series can't stand her! So that's why I'd LOVE to be able to read minds -- I'm sure I'd find one or two Kimbers in my life!!

    I've never been able to figure out the horse dream. Freaky, right? I think my explanation is the closest I've ever come to actually understanding it.

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  4. Hey, Cambria!

    Great to see you, too!! Thanks SO much for the read-along!!

    My sister got smart, and didn't let love blind her. Or maybe she wasn't that much in love with the guy, I don't know. In my case, I was COMPLETELY blind!! So, sadly, the marriage did end in divorce... I'm happier now, in my second marriage! And THIS guy is DEFNITELY NOT a cheater!! YAY!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the horse dream I think the explanation I've come up with is pretty much the message of this dream. I guess my unconscious mind was simply trying to bring this fear to consciousness, so I could work on it.

    I'm SO happy that you didn't have a love triangle, after all!! Those are SO common in current YA literature!!

    Thanks for complimenting my answers!! I DID put a lot of thought into them!! : )


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