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Book Blitz/Giveaway!! Secret Lady, by Beth Trissel

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Secret Lady
(Ladies In Time, Book 3)
Beth Trissel
Trade Paperback, 232 pages
January 9, 2019
Kindle Edition, 172 pages
January 19, 2019
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Fantasy, Historical Fiction, 
Paranormal Fiction
Science Fiction, New Adult

Torn apart by Time, reunited by flames.

At Lavender House, Evie McIntyre is haunted by the whispers from her bedroom closet. Before she can make sense of their murmurs, the house "warbles" between times and transports her to the Civil War. Past and present have blended, and Evie wishes she'd paid more attention to history. Especially since former Confederate officer, Jack Ramsey, could use a heads up.

Torn between opposing forces, Jack struggles to defend the valley and people he loves. Meeting Evie turns his already tumultuous world upside down. Will solving the mystery of the whispers return her home, and will the handsome scout be by her side?

Against the background of Sheridan's Burning of the Shenandoah Valley, Jack and Evie fight to save their friends and themselves – or is history carved in stone?

This mini-review is of the excerpt below, and 
not the entire book.
I only do this kind of thing when I'm really interested in a book, which is the 
case with this one!

This is certainly intriguing! I love the time switch feeling I get from this short excerpt, with the female protagonist's obvious disorientation. The mention of Doctor Who is cute and humorous, too. And her meeting with that mysterious man with the GORGEOUS eyes..... 
Time travel romance is one of my favorite genres, so I will be sure to add this one to my collection!
I already want to know where the story goes from here!

What had happened to the room?

Nothing in the parlor was as it had been a short while ago. Furnishings suited to a monastery had displaced the frou-frou décor. Simple wooden chairs, stools, and a plain couch were arranged in a circle. A small table supported a large black book, possibly the Bible. Discarded knitting lay on a side table. A spinning wheel sat in one corner.

There were no frills anywhere. No lavender sprigged wallpaper or lacy valentines, or anything she remembered. Her grandmother’s cherished things were gone. Everything had changed, and yet, the layout of the room was the same.

Was she lost in a dream, or had she stepped into a parallel universe? That sometimes happened…in Doctor Who, not her world.

Oh, my,” she gulped, and blindly reached out to steady herself against the back of a chair. “Not what I was expecting.”

“Nor are you.” The man called Jack returned the match tin to his pouch and studied her by the flickering light, his sandy brows arching under the broad brim.

“Whew.” He thumbed his hat back. “You’re nothing like Hettie Wenger.”

“Not in this life,” she said in a bare whisper, realization nagging at her.

“Did you have another?”

She nodded, gazing into the most glorious greenish-brown eyes, like sun-dappled trees.


Lightning bolt impact.

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Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my human family and furbabies. An avid gardener, I grow herbs and heirloom flowers and use them in my stories. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans (especially the Shawnee), and the Scots-Irish are at the heart of my inspiration. My English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish ancestors were among the earliest settlers in America. 

I write historical romance set in the colonial frontier (The Native American Warrior Series), the American Revolution, Georgian England, and 20th-century America. I like a good ghost story, so some of my historical romances have paranormal and ghosts in them. In addition to historical romance and Native American/Western romance, I write time travel romance (some are Scottish time travels), Young Adult wolf shapeshifter paranormal sci-fi fantasy romance (The Secret Warrior Series), New Adult fantasy paranormal time slip romance (Somewhere In Time), and my latest ongoing series, Ladies In Time (Somewhere My Lady, Book 1), (The White Lady, Book 2). The latest one in this series is Book 3 -- Secret Lady, to be released in January, 2019. 

I also write single titles, and nonfiction about gardening, herbs, and country life. 

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  1. Have you read any of the Susan Sizemore time travel romances? They are great fun, and the author started her writing life doing Star Trek fan fiction.

    1. Hi, Sue!

      Again, sorry for the late reply.....Trying frantically to catch up now! :)

      No, I haven't read any of these time travel romances, but I've heard of Sizemore. And she started her writing life with Star Trek fan fiction? WOWZA!!!! I really need to grab some of her books! Thanks for the heads up!! :)

      Thanks for the informative comment!! <3 :)

  2. This looks great fun, Maria. I have a soft spot for great time travel adventures:))

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      So sorry for the late reply..... I've been extra busy with class preparation. I'm now frantically trying to catch up!

      I agree -- this book DOES look like fun!! And, like you, I have a soft spot for such books!! This one looks absolutely FASCINATING, too, which is why I signed up for the tour!!

      Thanks for the comment!! <3 :)


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