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Blog Tour/Giveaway!! The Risk of Happiness, by Cathrine Goldstein

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The Risk of Happiness,
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For my stop, I'm featuring 
an excerpt with mini-review!

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The Risk of Happiness: The 
Punk Rocker
(The New York Artists Series, Book 3)
Cathrine Goldstein
Trade Paperback, 344 pages
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
January 21, 2019
Contemporary Fiction, Humor, 
Music, Romance

Bad boy punk rock star Reale Lynxx never expected to see his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Simmons, again. And after she'd stomped on his heart and walked out on him six years ago, he's not so sure he wants to. Certainly Reale never imagined he would rescue Amanda and her son, Johnny, from drowning. But all it takes is one evening with her and Reale is ready to leave the past behind and try again.

Amanda never meant to hurt Reale and happily jumps heart-first into rebuilding their relationship. But when she confesses she left him to secretly raise their son, Reale grows livid, fighting her and gaining custody of Johnny…

When Reale realizes he was wrong for taking Johnny away, he tries to win Amanda back. But can she forgive the man who took her son? And can she ever trust Reale again, no matter how much she loves him?

This is a mini-review of the excerpt below, 
and not the entire book.
I always write these when I'm 
REALLY interested in a particular novel, 
as I am in this one!

This time around, I have to mention that cover!
I don't wear ripped jeans, but this image
is really making me want to start! Lol.

As for the short excerpt, I think it's so cute!
Some readers might roll their eyes at this comment, but I find this vignette adorable. This is definitely going to be a fun read, as well as one that will tug at my emotions, too. Yes, I know this is a romance trope, but what can I say? I'm just a sucker for happy endings! Besides, each romance author
puts her own spin on these things.

Right off the bat, I like Reale. He sounds like a totally mischievous, fun-loving guy who actually has a deeper side -- well hidden, of course.
As for Amanda, I can tell she usually doesn't
let herself go as far as she obviously has in this excerpt. She's obviously a responsible person.
Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Reale 
who encouraged her to "let down her hair".
I'm really looking forward to reading about 
this relationship, especially since there's a child involved. That makes it extra special! 

Reale winked. Damn, he was too happy. 

Johnny was completely locked into his tablet. She had a strict, no-tablet-at-the-table rule, but right now she’d make an exception just to find out if she had broken her own strict, do-not-sleep-with-your-rock-and-roll-ex-boyfriend-no-matter-how-sexy-he-is rule. “And um, where did we…or more specifically, did you…sleep last night?” 

“Don’t you remember?” He waltzed past her, stuffing two slices of whole grain bread into the toaster. 

“No. Uh, sorry…” 

Reale smiled, grabbing his pan and crossing to the table, expertly sliding scrambled eggs onto Johnny’s plate. “Seconds.” He nodded toward Johnny proudly. 

“But…you slept where exactly?” 

“Babe. You were drunk. I carried you in, changed you into your PJs, and slid you into bed. I slept on the couch. Scout’s honor.” He held up his peace fingers making a “V.” 

“That’s the wrong sign, dumbo.” She smirked. “So nothing happened?” 

He came closer, whispering. “As tempting as it was—what with your ruddy glow and contagious laugh, I figured after you had sung every song on my last CD to me—twice—you were perhaps a bit too intoxicated to partake in any additional activities that evening. Or morning.”


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