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Can't Wait Wednesday No. 18: Of Jenny and the Aliens, by Ryan Gebhart

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Here's my choice for this week!

 Of Jenny and the Aliens
Ryan Gebhart
Hardcover,  368 pages
Candlewick Press
August 1, 2017 
Contemporary Romance, 
Humor, Science Fiction,
Young Adult Fiction

When boy meets girl meets alien, the angst of first love gets an extraterrestrial intervention in a tale both outrageously funny and full of heart.

Ten years after Earth sent messages out into deep space, there has been an answer. Music from a distant planet has reached the world’s radios. Are aliens about to invade? No one knows, and almost-eighteen-year-old Derek doesn’t really care, because at a wild end-of-the-world party, Jennifer Novak invited him to play beer pong, and things, well, progressed from there. Derek is in love. Deeply, hopelessly in love. He wants it all — marriage, kids, growing old on a beach in Costa Rica. For him, Jenny is the One. But Jenny has other plans, which may or may not include Derek. So Derek will try anything to win her — even soliciting advice from an alien who shows up in his hometown. This alien may just be the answer to Derek’s problem, but is Derek prepared to risk starting an interstellar war to get his girl? Just how far is he willing to travel to discover the mysteries of the universe — and the enigma of love?

Why I can't wait for this one!

Gosh, this sounds like such a CUTE, as well as VERY FUNNY story! (You can go ahead and roll your eyes now, folks, lol.) I really DO think this will be a HIGHLY enjoyable, fun read! Perfect for the summer!  Yes, everyone, you can just bask in the sun at the beach while wondering  whether an alien will simply pop out of the ocean and ask you where the nearest hot dog stand 
But seriously......I sincerely hope this will be the FUNNIEST SF novel since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!! Crossing my fingers and holding my breath!! Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you!!!!

Ryan Gebhart was born and raised in Maumee, Ohio, and graduated from Ohio University with a Master's Degree in Spanish (he can "hablar" some "español" like a boss). His debut Middle Grade, There Will Be Bears, about getting older, best friends, and a bear, is a selected title for seven state reading lists. His debut Young Adult, Of Jenny and the Aliens, about first love and discovering that we're not alone in the universe, will be released on August 1, 2017, with Candlewick Press.

What do you think of my choice?
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  1. Hey Maria. I think that the concept could work. This could be very funny. I will be curious to know what you think if you read it.

    Music from space is an interesting idea. It remind me both of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I also remember Norman Spinrad's Songs from the Stars. I read that a long time ago but I think that it had a similar premise.

    Have a great week!

    1. Hey, Brian!

      I think this novel will indeed be HILARIOUS. And that cover is not only cute and adorable, but funny, too!

      You know, like you, I am reminded of that movie, which happens to be one of my all-time favorites!! I remember that, after seeing it, I started looking up at the sky every night, hoping to spot a UFO!! And I SO wanted to meet some aliens!! Lol. I did for a couple of weeks, then, disappointed, lost interest, and felt VERY disappointed. LOL.LOL.LOL.

      I haven't heard of that Spinrad novel. Gotta look it up! There's also a WONDERFUL Anne McAfreey novel titled "The Ship Who Sang", that I read years ago. I don't remember much of the plot, though, except for the fact that I LOVED this book!! I'll have to re-read it.

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  2. Maria, I totally agree with you! This sounds utterly cute and FUNNY!

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      Yes, this book DOES very cute and funny! Glad you agree!!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 <3 :) :)

  3. This sounds like it could be pretty hilarious. And I think the cover is pretty awesome as well. <3

    1. Hi, Stephanie!

      Yes, it does!! I can't wait to read it!! Glad you agree that the cover is awesome, too!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 <3 :) :)

  4. I have to admit to not being a huge fan of aliens in books (5th Wave drove me nuts and there's a certain Stephen King book where aliens totally ruined about 1000 pages of reading pleasure within 5-10 pages). However, this does sound really cute and funny and odd...and for those reasons alone, I'm adding it to my wishlist. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi, Barb!

      Well, I DO love aliens, lol!! IF they're nice, that is. I do NOT like the Earth-invading-and-conquering types, lol. I LOVE someone along the lines of Mr. Spock!!! *gives Vulcan hand salute*

      I have never read a Stephen King book, and would never do so either, even if there WERE aliens in it! LOLLOLLOL.

      Yes, this really does sound cute and funny! The cover is adorable! And I agree it also sounds just a bit odd. It's GREAT that you're adding this book to your wishlist for those very reasons!! :) :) :)

      You're very welcome for my sharing! Thanks to YOU for the very nice comment!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  5. Hope you enjoy this one ~ it definitely sounds like it would be fun to read!

    Renee - My CWW

    1. Hi, Renee!

      Oh, ABSOLUTELY!! I can't wait!!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  6. Yay! Another alien/paranormal romance! It seems like there's been a small resurgence of these types of books lately and it makes me so happy. I love the epic love stories with weird creatures, shape shifters, and other worldly elements.

    1. Hi, Dena!

      Oh, I LOVE those types of stories, too!!! I'm SO glad there's a resurgence of them!!!

      This one looks SUPER cute and funny, and I can't wait!!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  7. This sounds like a cute and funny read! Great pick!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

    1. Hi, Ronyell!

      Yeah, all of the people commenting agree that this looks like a really cute and funny story. Glad to see that all of you are as excited about this book as I am!!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  8. As much as I wish we could've been post twins today (How awesome was that? Great minds, indeed!), I'm so glad you chose this book! It looks and sounds absolutely adorable and hilarious; I love that cover and synopsis! We'll be adding this to our TBR for sure. Thank you so much for putting this one on our radar and for the amazing post, Maria!! *BIG BIG HUGS* <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Yeah!! I would have LOVED that!! But definitely the saying about great minds is true!! Lol.

      I'm glad you like this book, too!! It sure does sound "adorable and hilarious"!! It's so GREAT that you and Mckenzie will be adding it to your TBR!!

      You're very welcome for the sharing!! And thank you for your sweet, kind words! BIG BIG HUGS BACK!!!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)


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