Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Can't Wait Wednesday No. 15: In 27 Days, by Alison Gervais

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Here's my choice for this week!

 In 27 Days
(In 27 Days, Book 1)
Alison Gervais
Hardcover,  352 pages
Blink/Harper Collins
July 25, 2017 
Contemporary Romance, Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

Hadley Jamison is shocked when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, has committed suicide. She didn't know the quiet, reserved guy very well, but that doesn't stop her from feeling there was something she could have done to help him.

Hoping to find some sense of closure, Hadley attends Archer's funeral. There, Hadley is approached by a man who calls himself Death and offers her a deal. If Hadley accepts, she will be sent back 27 days in time to prevent Archer from killing himself. But when Hadley agrees to Death's terms and goes back to right the past, she quickly learns her mission is harder than she ever could have known.

Hadley soon discovers Archer's reasons for being alone, and Archer realizes that having someone to confide in isn't as bad as he'd always thought. But when a series of dangerous accidents starts pushing them apart, Hadley must decide whether she is ready to risk everything - including her life - to keep Archer safe.

Why I can't wait for this one!

Well, this is a rather freaky-looking cover....OF COURSE I LOVED IT RIGHT AWAY!! If a visual image is out of the ordinary or weird, it's GUARANTEED to get my attention! So then I checked further, and saw right away that this is the sort of plot that will DEFINITELY hook me! I am totally fascinated and intrigued by the concept of going back in Time to save someone's life. And who wouldn't want to cheat The Grim Reaper? Throw some romance into the mix, and I'm in!!

Here’s just a few basic things about me:
21. Set to graduate May 2017 from university with BA in Creative Writing. First began writing at age four, where debut story was about a frog king and his loyal servants. Joined the fabulous writer’s site Wattpad in 2011. First novel, In 27 Days, set to be published summer of 2017 through Blink/HarperCollins. Currently repp’ed by the fantastic Shannon Hassan at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.


What do you think of my choice?
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  1. This is gorgeous! And I am curious about how Hadley and Arche'rs connection plays out -- the blurb isn't very forthicoming in that regard. Here's mine:

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      Glad you like it, too!! You know, GREAT covers always catch my eye first, when I'm looking for books to feature on "Can't Wait Wednesday".! Then I take a look at the plot. If I like it, I will DEFINITELY feature the book on "Can't Waite Wednesday"!

      In this case, you're right -- the blurb, or synopsis, isn't all that forthcoming. But the whole idea of stepping back in time to save someone's life, well, THAT I find utterly fascinating!! And, of course, there will be ROMANCE involved!! MUSIC TO MY EARS!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, as always!! <3 <3 :) :)

  2. I love this cover and I'm adding it to the TBR. It sounds really interesting. I just watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and although it got a lot of controversy, I really enjoyed it. Now I have suicide books on my radar I think. Great choice this week and I really hope you love it and that you're getting in lots of reading time. Warning, my pick this week is horror and I know you don't like that genre so I wanted to warn you :)

    1. Hi, Barb!

      Yeah, this cover is GREAT!! Glad you like it, too!

      I LOVE the combination elements in this story! It's so sad whenever people take the suicide route.... I still remember and grieve for Robin Williams. So, a story -- even though it's fiction -- in which a suicide might very well be PREVENTED by going back in Time, well, it just pulls me right in! Heck, I think that ANY book in which "The Grim Reaper" gets cheated out of collecting his victim will DEFINITELY interest me! So, yes, I kNOW I'm going to enjoy this one!!

      I've already visited your CWW post. EEK!!!! I'm SO glad you warned me!! NO WAY will I touch that book with a ten-foot pole!! Lol. Hope you enjoy it, when you're not quaking in your

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 <3 :) :)

  3. Oooh! I love the cover of this book!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

    1. Hi, Ronyell!

      I love it, too!! A GREAT cover for a GREAT story!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! <3 :)

  4. Oooo, Maria!! This sounds SO good and like just the kind of book we love to read. Thank you for putting this on our radar, you wonderful person, you! Awesome Can't Wait Wednesday pick, sweet friend. Hope you're having an amazing day! *TACKLE HUGS AND ALL OUR LOVE*
    ~Michele and Mckenzie

    1. Hi, Michele & Mckenzie!!!!

      Yeah!! Isn't it AWESOME? I LOVE this kind of story, too!!

      You're welcome for the radar thing! Lol. And you guys are SO WONDERFUL, too!!!! WOWZA!!!!

      I'm a bit late with my reply, so I do hope you both have a most WONDERFUL AND BLESSED WEEKEND!!!

      Thanks so much for the SUPER NICE comment!! TACKLE HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE RIGHT BACK!!!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)


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