Friday, August 7, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #8: Three Wishes for a Bookworm!

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Here is this week's question:

If you could have 3 wishes granted,
what would they be?

Contributed by
Life Is Reading

This is THE best question to ask an obsessed bookworm! Or better yet, an obsessed bookworm who's also an obsessed bibliophile!

I hereby present my three wishes!

1.) Not that I'm materialistic, but.....I would love to have $100,000.00 a year for life. I would put this money to excellent use, for sure!

First, I'd put $50,000.00 aside for my family's needs. Second, I'd put $25,000.00 aside for charitable causes. And third....the other $25,000.00 would be dedicated to the purchase of books!!!!  And, of course, other bookish things, like archival plastic covers for my hardcovers, and rolls of plastic to laminate my paperbacks. (I guess some money would be left over for savings.)

2.)  My second wish would be to live to be at least 300 years old (with no wrinkles or gray hair, of course!) Why? So I could read all the books I would buy with all the money I got from my first wish! Lol.

3.) My third wish? Very simple!  A wonderful, beautiful library -- already built -- in which to enjoy reading my humongous stash of literary treasures! The picture below will give you some idea....

4.) Is there a fourth wish? Well, no, but there's one missing I'm adding one more wish: I wish I could find the genie to grant all of the above wishes.....

Next Week's Question

If you could have an endless supply
of food, what kind would it be?

Contributed by
Not Tonight, I'm Reading
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  1. I would wish for the same thing too, who wouldn't want a big library? :D
    New GFC follower (:

    My FF

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  2. Oh I love your wishes and the library pic! Old follower.
    My FF:

  3. Yes, I love your wishes they're great! New Bloglovin' follower!

    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

  4. Hi, Jackie!

    I think most bookworms would want the exact same thing! Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  5. Hi, Alexandra!

    Thanks! There's nothing like MORE books for us bookworms! Lol. And, of course, we also need a huge library to put them in!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  6. Hi, Sinead!

    Of course you do, being a bookworm yourself!

    Thanks for the visit and the comment!! : )

  7. new bloglovin follower. That library is GORGEOUS. But maybe a bit small....

  8. Hi, K.D.!

    Oh, I LOVE this library!! But you've only seen one room. There are more! Lol.

    thanks for following and commenting!! : )

  9. This is such a fun topic.

    I will say that you are not greedy in terms of money or time int terms of life extension. That is wise as wanting too much usually brings things that we do not want.

    I myself have been thinking about a perfect library, perhaps promoted by your post on the subject as well as post that I am working on about eBooks. I will have a bit more to say about it when I do post.

  10. Love your wishes!

    My FF (this is on a new blog):

  11. Hey, Brian!

    I did try not to be too greedy. Lol. I think I would have been, had I wanted to spend all $100,000.00 on myself! So I decided to distribute this amount in what I thought would be a fair manner. I think my family comes first, without a doubt. Then of course I need to give to charities. After that, it was books!!

    I would love to have a perfect library, too! The picture in this post is lovely, although I would need more such rooms to house my extensive collection (I have many more books in storage....)

    I'm looking forward to reading your post on the subject, especially as pertains to e-books! As you know, I am now having to buy them.....not much more room on my current library shelves....

    Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  12. Hi, Stina! Glad you like my wishes! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! : )

  13. Wow!! Now that is a library :) Thanks for stopping by. New bloglovin follower

  14. Hi, there!

    Glad you like my library!

    Thanks for following and commenting back!! : )


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