Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #2: My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

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My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

This is actually a very hard list to compile, since I do have so many favorite authors! However, I can narrow it down somewhat.  So here's the list of my absolute faves!  Click on each name in 
order to access each author's website! 

You can access my reviews of the books 
I have read by these authors on my
Book Reviews Page.

Stephenie Meyer

I am a passionate fan of The Twilight Saga,
and do intend to read The Host at
some point in time. I love the way she 
writes, and just pulls me into the story!

J.K. Rowling

I love the Harry Potter series, and own
"The Tales of Beedle the Bard",
which I do need to read.
I'd also like to sample her adult t novels!!

 Amy Plum

I adore her Die For Me series, and would love
to read more of her books!
Her writing and characters just 
blow me away!

Claudia Gray

I have so far read two of her books -- Spellcaster
and A Thousand Pieces of You -- and
each time, I have fallen in love 
with the book! I own and need to 
read her Evernight series! 

Lisa Tawn Bergren

I devoured the River of Time series by this
author, and I will definitely read
anything she writes in the future!!

L.J.  Smith

Although I don't like The Vampire Diaries,
I absolutely adored The Night World
series, so I'm willing to give any
new books of hers a chance!

Stephanie Feldman

Feldman  writes in the magic realism genre, , and her first  novel, The Angel of Losses, absolutely
delighted and fascinated me!
I can't wait to see what she publishes next!

Mary Balogh

Balogh is my favorite historical romance
author! She writes beautiful Regency
romances that I will never get tired of! I
have just bought her most recent,
Only A Promise

Andrea Cremer

Her Nightshade series totally enthralled me,
and I would love to read more great
novels from her! I know I will not
be disappointed!

L.G. O'Connor

She's the author of The Angelorum Chronicles,
the first book of which, Trinity Stones,
I have greatly enjoyed reading!
I need to read the second one,
The Wanderer's Children,
and can't wait to buy the latest book,
Hope's Prelude!

What do you think of my choices?
Leave your link in 
the comments, so I can come
over to check out your
own picks! 


  1. Another great concept Maria.

    Though I have not read most of the authors that you picked, it seems they all write books that in the end, explore the positive side to humanity, They are very much you!

    I would struggle to come up with my own list. When I was younger it would have been longer. Sadly many if the science fiction writers who would have been on it have passed on.

  2. Hey, Brian!

    It's so nice of you to say that these books reflect my personality! I appreciate that! And they do, because most of these authors write fantasy, and that's a genre dear to my heart. As you know, I also love paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

    Feldman is a debut author, but I already love her writing, just from reading her first book! Another new author is L.G. O'Connor, who is just AWESOME.

    Anyway, I do love the work of these writers, and would definitely read anything they decide to publish, as I'm sure I will enjoy it!

    It's too bad that some of my faves -- not included here -- have passed on, so there won't be any new books by them. So people like Bradbury and Tolkien can't be on this list.....so I totally sympathize with you!

    Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  3. Those are some amazing picks! We especially love Claudia Gray and J.K. Rowling, and they're on our auto-buy lists for sure, too! Thanks for sharing this great post! <3

    ~Mckenzie & Michele @ A Belle's Tales

  4. Hi, there!

    I'm glad you both like my picks! Gray and Rowling are incredibly talented writers, and I'm sure they've been featured on a lot of these lists!

    You're very welcome for the share! Thanks so much for commenting back!! <3 : )



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