Monday, December 2, 2013

Announcing The 14 Days of Christmas Giveaway Hop!!

(NOTE:  OOPS!!  I linked up the wrong post..... the actual giveaway post is HERE.  Sorry about that, everyone!! )

Coming your way..... The 14 Days of
Christmas Giveaway Hop,
hosted by

This hop will run from
Dec. 18th, 12:01 AM, to Dec. 31st, 11:59 PM.
In order to participate (like me)
you need to sign up at
the Insightful Minds Review link above,
and your giveaway must be related
to the Christmas season.
There are plenty of Christmas novels
that you can give away!
Just check out some possibilities
on Goodreads and Amazon.
If you prefer to give a gift card as a prize,
that's also acceptable.

Here are some books I'm considering
for my  own giveaway:
(Click on each image for the GR page.)

Watch for my giveaway
on December 18th!
For more rules, and to sign up,
be sure to click on

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