Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #95: Beautiful Redemption, by Kami Garcia

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Here's my choice for this week!

Beautiful Redemption
(Caster Chronicles #4)
Trade Paperback, 451 pages

 Why do I love this cover?

The idea of using the image of a spiral staircase is not new; I showcased the cover of Cruel Beauty, which also features a spiral staircase, in a previous Shelf Candy Saturday.  The difference on that cover, though, is that it nicely incorporates the image of a red rose into the image of the spiral staircase.

On this cover, the staircase is the sole star.  It twists around and around, culminating in a brightly shining spot at the bottom.

There's something about these staircases that has universal appeal, especially when viewed from this angle.  I think it's the whole idea of infinity.  There really is no end to them, in spite of the fact that there seems to be.  

This image also reminds me of the spirals in the inside of a Nautilus shell.  I love these shells; I consider them especially beautiful!

Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

What makes this cover even more beautiful is the color of the image.  That green is so magical!  It reminds me of leprechauns, and the whole idea of other, enchanted realms....

Also contributing to this cover's magical feel is  the gorgeous, very unique font, with its swirls and flourishes.  This is actually a very ordinary-looking font that has been altered, thus being transformed into something absolutely enchanting!

The cover photograph is by Michael Trevillion, of Trevillion Images.  The cover design is by David Caplan, who specializes in graphic as well as book design.  So this beautiful, altered font is his brainchild!

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  1. I like your attention to detail. You really know how to express your love and appreciation of the arts.

    I have to agree with you on this cover. It's simple but beautiful. It's actually my favorite cover from the series because of its color. Green that stands out has become one of my favorite colors. It brings great joy every time I see it.

    Btw, I like how you change your cover image with the seasons.

    1. Hey, Vonnie!

      Oh, thank you for such nice comments!! Much appreciated!! Yes, I LOVE the arts!! I was an art major in college, although I never really did anything in that field after graduation. When I started blogging, though, my blog became my creative outlet, for design as well as writing. I ADORE both!!

      Oh, this is definitely a GREAT cover!! You're right -- it's simple but beautiful. I also like the color, although, as you know, my favorite color is blue. Absolutely!! Still, this particular shade of green is really, really nice.

      I like what you say about this shade of green: "It brings great joy every time I see it." Those are my EXACT feelings whenever I see a gorgeous shade of blue!! You know just how I feel!

      Thanks as well for this: "Btw, I like how you change your cover image with the seasons." I really enjoy doing this! I don't do it the whole year 'round, though. I start in October, with a Halloween image, moving on to a Thanksgiving image, then a Christmas image, and finally, a New Year's image. After that, I go back to my usual one, the one with all the books flying through a moonlit sky. I LOVE this image!! It was created for me by Jennifer Johnson, the owner of Sapphire Blog Designs!! She also created my two buttons.

      Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! : )

    2. Hey chica, I hope you got my email. Sorry, I guess I'm a little excited for this month since there's so much going on!

      Are you participating in Bibliophile's Winter Reading Challenge?

      So, you were an art major? That's awesome! Now I fully understand how you are able to dissect a work of art and analyze it so well. It definitely shows on the design of your blog too!

      Blue is a beautiful color, it is very calming for me. I especially love cobalt blue. I like all kinds of colors actually, especially the gem toned ones. But I do tend to gravitate towards maroon, green, fuchsia, and black the most.

      Hey, when you have time come check out my wrap-up post. I would like to get your input on it.

    3. Hola, chica!

      Yeah, I got your email! : ) I think I replied already.

      No, I'm not participating in this challenge. I haven't been to Bibliophile's blog in a I'll drop by and check it out. (Although I don't think I'll have time to participate,...) Thanks for letting me know!

      Oh, thank you!! I LOVE art as much as I do books! I wish I had pursued a career in that field.....oh, well..... Analyzing a work of art is such an enjoyable activity! Of course I learned how to do that in my art classes -- especially my Art History course. I also learned a lot on my own, after graduation -- through books that I bought. This blog is now my creative outlet, which is why I try to keep it going, in spite of my two jobs.

      Oh, BLUE!!!!! I LOVE this color so much!!!! Yes, it's very calming, very peaceful. It's also celestial, as well as oceanic. There's just an infinity of awesomeness in the color BLUE!! I've loved it ever since I was a kid, too! I also like aqua, especially if it contains a little more blue than green. I prefer the lighter shades of blue, but not TOO light. I also love electric blue. I ADORE the shades of blue I have in this blog!! This color just makes me SO happy.....

      I'll go check out your post. Thanks for your super nice comments!! : )


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