Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Minute Read-A-Thon: Launch and Giveaway!!

Vonnie over at Vonnie's Reading Corner is
helping me host the second annual
Last Minute Read-a-Thon!!
This is the 2013 edition, and
we're both very excited!

Today is launch day for the read-a-thon!!
Each participant gets to post
their reading goals for the duration
of this awesome reading event!

There's still time to
sign up, so we hope you do!

Just click HERE for all the rules,
and to sign up.
Here are my own reading goals!

Since I'm a slow reader, I have to be very realistic
regarding what I think I'll actually
be able to accomplish....
I do need to finish up some reads
for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge,
which will end on Jan. 6th.

Click on each cover for more information
about the book.

I've already read the first two stories,
which were lovely!
I have one more to go, which I'm pretty sure
I can finish before the 30th.

I've read the first 64 pages of this book,
and really like the story!
I've been going back and forth between
this one and the one above. 
They're both that good!!
I will attempt to finish it by the 30th.

If I get through the two books
above fairly quickly,
then I'll go ahead and attempt this one!

This read-a-thon includes giveaways!!
There will be two winners --
one on my blog, and the other
on Vonnie's blog!
Mine is an international giveaway,
so please check to make sure
TBD delivers to your country.
You can do that HERE.
Happy New Year, everyone,
and good luck with your reads!!
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  1. It has begun, chica! I wish you luck with your reads and thanks again in hosting this with me :)

    1. Hey, Vonnie!!

      Yeah, we're off and running!! YAY!!!! Hope more people will put their posts up today.

      Good luck with your reads, too, and you're very welcome for co-hosting!! So glad you came up with this idea last year!! : )

  2. I participate in several reading challenges! As for favorites, I don't really know if I have any-I like them all equally!

    1. Hi, Abbi!

      Yes, they're all interesting, aren't they? Thanks for participating in this one! Good luck, and Happy New Year!! : )

  3. I too participate in a lot of challenges and loved them all, but I think my favorite one this year was the one hosted by Abbi (What Countries Have I Visited Reading Challenge) simply because it was new, fun, and challenging.

    1. Hi, Megan!

      Oh, that definitely sounds like fun! I haven't heard of this challenge, but will go check it out.

      Thanks for participating in this read-a-thon!! Good luck, and Happy New Year!! : )

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this read-a-thon! It's perfect and exactly what I needed to give me that extra push to finish a couple more books by the end of the year :D

    That's a great list you have there :) Good luck with your goals!

    1. Hi, Crystal!

      You're very welcome! This read-a-thon is actually Vonnie's brainchild. She started it last year, and asked me to co-host this year! I was very happy to do so, too. I think it is indeed a terrific idea to get us bookworms to finish up our reading for the year!

      Thanks for complimenting my list. Glad you like it! Good luck with your goals, too! : )

  5. I will occasionally participate in challenges like this. I actually just got done with one at Juliebabyjen's and Danasquare's challenge. I will sometimes participate in Classics Club things too...I am hoping to get into more.

    1. Hi, Kimberly!

      Yeah reading challenges sure are a lot of fun! I think my own favorite is "The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge", which is hosted by Michelle at The Christmas Spirit blog. (She's also the creator of The True Book Addict blog, which is great for classics and historical fiction buffs!)

      Now I'm adding the Last Minute Read-A-Thon to share the "favorite reading challenge"s position! and I'm going to check out the Classics Club, too. I feel I really should be reading more classics.

      Good luck, and Happy Reading!! : )


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