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Shelf Candy Saturday #97: Blue Christmas, by Diane Moody

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Here's my choice for this week!

Blue Christmas
(The Moody Blue Trilogy #1)
Trade Paperback, 332 pages
Old Barn Trace Books
October 27, 2011
Christmas Romance, Christian Fiction, 
Contemporary Romance

Why do I love this cover?

Of course, any cover containing the color blue will instantly attract my attention!  This one has such a gorgeous shade of it, too.  The blue really stands out, thanks to the red and orange hues in the rest of the cover -- in the crowd and stage.  The stage lights have a bluish tone, as well.

I love that red ornament with the red ribbon on it!  It, too, stands out against the blue background, which is filled with round circles that echo the roundness of the ornament.  Those circles are probably out-of-focus lights; this is a very nice design element.

The scene in the middle of the cover really captures all the excitement of a live rock concert quite well.  That's partly due to the intersecting angles underlying the image -- the horizontal tiers of lights behind the band, the angled beams of the stage lights, and the horizontal edge of the stage itself.  However, this excitement is also very evident in the crowd, as the orange light plays over all the heads and outstretched arms, which also form more angles. 

The light blue font used for the title has been influenced by the Art Deco style, and is just perfect for this cover!  I also like the font used for the author's name.

This dynamic cover was designed by OBT Graphix (about which I could find no information), with photos by several photographers from two stock photo websites --, and

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  1. This is a striking and different cover. One does not expect to see a Rock these mixed with these other elements, such as the font, the ornament, and of course the blue!

    At first I thought that there was some connection with the group "The Moody Blues". Alas that is not seem to be so :(.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Yes, I find this cover to be very unique, with its unusual juxtaposition of elements. They all work together beautifully, however.

      I do think this book originally had something to do with The Moody Blues. After all, it's part of a trilogy called "The Moody Blue Trilogy". It's an interesting coincidence that the author's last name is Moody, too.

      When I read the book's introduction on Amazon, I found out that it had started out as fan fiction about a real band. In fact, the story was originally posted on their website, where it garnered more than 80,000 readers! They even sent emails to the author. Later on, she made the band a fictional one, and changed all the names. Although she never does identify the band, I strongly believe it's The Moody Blues. I don't see why she would have given her book this title, if that weren't the case. And then there's the title of the trilogy, too. I'm going to investigate further!

      Glad you like this cover!! : )

  2. Very interesting, I am very curious now. I really love The Moody Blues. If this does connect with them it seems a bit unusual but neat.

    1. I'm a big fan of theirs myself! And I do think this book has a connection to them, because of the coincidences I mentioned above. Gotta do a bit of sleuthing.....


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