Monday, December 10, 2012


Welcome to Novel Publicity's

Just click on the banner above for
the blog hop list and more details!!

Five of the HOTTEST new authors
in the literary fiction genre 
are presenting
their latest books!!
Come and participate in
a week-long event, which
includes interviews,
author guest posts, reviews,
and prizes!!
These are the books
being presented:

Here are the GREAT prizes!!

Custom Book Club Guide
from Novel Publicity -
$500 value!

5 will win a signed paperback
of Scorpio Rising, X-It,
Kingdom, or
Shadow On The Wall

Swag pack from Bluff
by Lenore Skomal

2 $25 Amazon Gift Cards

Name a major character in
Anderson O'Donnell's
upcoming novel

Manuscript feedback from
Jane George

Skype session with the
author of your choice

In-depth critique of the first
1500 words of any work,
from Pavarti K. Tyler


  1. I've never been in an actual book club (I don't think it's common here where I'm from), but I love the online reading community! :)

  2. Hi, Leah!

    Well, this a week-long event!! Just click on the banner at the top of my post, and it will take you to the Book Club Bash page, where you will see the blog hop. There are many blogs hosting great events for these books!! And don't forget the giveaway!!! You'll find that on the Bash page, too.

    I will be doing two author interviews this week -- one on Wednesday, and the other on Thursday. Hope you stop by again!!

    Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  3. Looks like a great list of books.

    Very cool that a winner gets to name a character in O'Donnell's book!

  4. Hi, Brian!

    Yeah, it IS a great list, and I agree -- it's pretty cool to be able to name a character in a book.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )


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