Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Minute Reading Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up!!

This fun event, hosted by Vonnie @ Vonnie's Reading Corner, ended yesterday, and she posted her wrap-up post today.  Eight bloggers, including me, participated.  Each of us had last-minute reads that we had decided to get under our belts before the end of the year.

Vonnie also held a giveaway for the read-a-thon participants.  The winner has already been chosen -- Ciska, @ Ciska's Book Chest!

Each blogger was free to choose as many (or as few) books as they wanted.  Since I'm not a fast reader, I figured I had better limit myself to two books.  I was halfway through one of them, too, when I joined the read-a-thon.  This really helped!  Lol.

I was able to finish my books on time, so I'm very happy about that!  I really pushed myself, too, in spite of several activities that presented themselves along the way...

I will soon be posting reviews of the books I read, which I had also chosen for the 2012 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

These are the books.  Just click on each image for the Goodreads page for each one.

I'd like to thank Vonnie for hosting this great event, as well as for her giveaway!  She's promised to host it again in 2013, so I'll definitely be looking forward to it!


  1. You achieved your reading goals so you did great!

    Thanks again for participating in this event.

    It was very wonderful to have mini conversations with you, which I hope to continue to do do!

  2. Oh, I REALLY enjoyed the read-a-thon!! You're very welcome for my participation, and thanks for the congrats!! I'm looking forward to the 2013 read-a-thon!!

    And yes, it's been very nice having these little conversations with you! I, too, hope they can continue!



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