Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday #47: Untimed, by Andy Gavin

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Shelf Candy Saturday!!

This weekly meme/blog hop, hosted here,
features beautiful book covers!

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Here's my choice for this week!

Trade Paperback, 325 pages
Mascherato Publishing
December 17, 2012
Science Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Why do I love this cover?
This is an incredibly stunning image!   There's such a clever juxtaposition of anachronistic elements, like the pulsating blue clockwork gears and springs in the man's chest, his distinctly 18th-century costume, and his mechanical left hand, which seems to be pressing something on the clock mechanism.   The saber he wields looks rather ghostly, yet somehow menacing. 

Golden flames lick the space all around this man, as he seems to emerge from out of nowhere.  He has a look of dreamy concentration on his face.  There's a mission he has to accomplish, and he won't rest until it's done.  He's very obviously a dangerous man!
There's great dynamism to this cover; it explodes upon the viewer, making a reader want to go inside and see what the plot consists of!
I love the font used for the title -- it carries the theme of a clockwork mechanism in its design, since the letters are meant to imitate a clock's gears.  It also serves to heighten the juxtaposition of time periods that are part of the novel's plot. 
There are gorgeous, black-and-white illustrations scattered throughout the book, as well, which show Charlie's (the protagonist) adventures in London, England, in the year 1725.

The brilliant cover illustration
is the work of the highly talented artist,
Cliff Nielsen!!
I'm not surprised I love this cover,
since this is the very same artist
who created the covers for
series, as well as
Laini Taylor's
Here are some links for
Mr. Nielsen:
The interior illustrations, which have
a very whimsical look, 
are the work of the equally talented
Dave Phillips!!
Here are some links for Mr. Phillips:

What do you think of my choice?
What beautiful cover(s)
are you featuring this week?


  1. Interesting cover...I'm trying to figure out what's going on with his chest...and check out that hand!

  2. Neat cover.

    You mentioned that the book contains illustrations. I like that idea. I believe that once upon a time illustrations in books were more common. Too bad more books these days do not have drawings included.

  3. Hi, Wendy!

    Yeah, this is a FASCINATING cover! When I saw it, I immediately signed up for the blog tour!! Thankfully, there was a print edition available, since I don't read or review ebooks, as you know.

    I'm glad you like the cover, too! I'll go check out your Shelf Candy post.

    Thanks for participating and commenting!! : )

  4. Hey, Brian!

    Oh, I LOVE it when books contain interior illustrations! I wanted to include a couple in this post, but didn't because of the issue of who holds the copyright. However, you can see them if you click on the links I've provided.

    Nowadays, books written for adults rarely, if ever, contain illustrations. Those for the YA market sometimes do, but again, not always. Middle-grade and children's books usually do.

    I agree that illustrations enhance the beauty of a book! They were probably more common years ago. But heck, I'm happy that we still have print books, at least!!

    As always, thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  5. I agree that this cover is awesome.

  6. Hi, Dena!

    I'm so glad you love this cover, too!

    Are those you and your kids in your icon? Adorable!!

    I wonder if you would consider linking up every Saturday, to participate in my meme. If you do, I'm looking forward to your post!! If not, then thanks for stopping by whenever you wish!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )


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