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Book Blogger Hop #13 (10/26 - 11/1): Favorite Book Blogs & Communities

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What To Do:
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What are three of your favorite
book blogs and/or communities?
Why do you like them?

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My Answer:
I think that choosing only three book blogs is pretty hard for me... I wouldn't want to leave any of my faves out!  As for book communities, that's easier.
Book Blogs:
I have more than three favorite blogs!  One of them is A Myriad of Books, created by the awesome Kat!  She reviews several genres, with a concentration on fantastic and paranormal fiction.  She also reviews horror fiction, which I don't like, but I simply skip those reviews.  She always has fascinating things to say about the books she reads, and delivers her insights in a beautiful prose style!  She also has other interesting features on the blog, like several book memes, and hosts giveaways from time to time.  Last but not least, I love her blog design!
Another of my favorites is Wishful Thinking, created by the very talented Varsha Dinesh!  Her blog design is just gorgeous; the header is one of my absolute favorites! 
In addition to her blog design, Varsha offers her own beautiful writing, and participates in book memes as well as hosting giveaways now and then.  Her reviews are terrific, as well!  She concentrates mostly on paranormal/urban fantasy young adult fiction.
Then there's the absolutely marvelous blog, aobibliosphere, created by the amazing Ao Bibliophile!  This beautiful blog features wonderful reviews, blog tours, and giveaways!  I never fail to be fascinated when I visit Ao's blog!  He covers a variety of genres, including both adult and young adult fiction.
Another favorite is Babbling Books, created by the very dynamic Brian Joseph, whose blog features very thought-provoking reviews, as well as articles on various book-related topics.  Brian's writing style is not only interesting, but very professional, and I feel as if I'm reading a literary journal when I read one of his posts!  He covers mostly the nonfiction genres, which include biographies/memoirs, philosophy, and others.  However, he also covers such fiction genres as classics and science fiction.
The blog Ageless Pages Reviews, created by Jessie, is another one I love to visit.  It's a favorite because of Jessie's awesome reviews!  Her writing is polished and flows beautifully, and her thoughts on the books she reads are so intriguing!  The blog looks very nice, too!  She's an eclectic reader, but covers mostly fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy, in both the adult and young adult categories.
Yet another of my favorites is Lunar Rainbows, a beautiful blog created by Micheline D, which boasts another of my favorite headers!  The visually stunning blog design is by Giselle at Xpresso Design!  Micheline features wonderful book reviews, book memes, and occasional giveaways!  She covers paranormal/urban fantasy young adult fiction.
I also have to mention Rainy Day Ramblings, created by Heidi. This blog is also very beautiful!  It's unique, as well, because Heidi loves to insert pictures all over her post texts.  Some of them are totally hilarious!  Her reviews are also unique, because she gives lists of exactly what she liked and didn't like about a book.  She also participates in various memes, and hosts great giveaways!  She covers mostly pararnormal/urban fantasy young adult fiction, although she also reviews adult fiction from time to time.
Then there's Ari, creator of thefabulous Black Lilies Are Deadly, which is not only darkly beautiful, but also features great reviews, blog tours, and giveaways!  She covers mostly paranormal/urban fantasy, both adult and young adult.

Yet another of my favorites is the absolutely beautiful blog, Vonnie's Reading Corner, which features reviews, giveaways, memes, and other features.  Vonnie reviews a variety of genres, in both adult and young adult fiction. 
To close out this list, I'd like to mention two other favorites, both created by the very talented Michelle! 
The first one is all about one of my obsessions: Christmas!  This is my favorite holiday!  Every year, I look forward to this special time of year.  Even though there's no snow in Miami, there's still that special something in the air... This is a time of joy, peace, and love.  It's the birthday of Jesus Christ, after all!  Adding to the magic is the Santa Claus legend, with Christmas decorations, presents, and all the beautiful festivities!  So I love Michelle's incredibly gorgeous The Christmas Spirit!  She also hosts my favorite reading challenge during the Christmas season every year!
One of Michelle's other blogs (she has three or four) is The True Book Addict, which is also quite beautiful!  Dedicated mostly to historical fiction reviews, it also features great memes and giveaways!
Book Communities:
Well, there's no question that Goodreads is everybody's favorite!  I would also include Shelfari, which perhaps is not mentioned by most people, but I love it mostly because of its visually-appealing bookshelf widgets!!  I love both of these sites!!  They both give me an opportunity to research books I've heard about, as well as to meet other obsessed readers like myself, and add books to my already humongous TBR list....
What are your favorite book blogs
and book communities?
What do you think of mine,
if you have visited them?


  1. Wow, I shouldn't have limited myself to only three because I have many favorite book blogs.

    Old follower
    My Friday Hops

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Maria! You are awesome!

  3. Love your blog name and that cute cat and pumpkin.

    NEW FOLLOWER. Found you on the book blogger list.

    Going to check out the blogs you mention in your post.

    Silver's Reviews

  4. Hey, Vonnie!

    I know I couldn't list just three! So maybe you could go back and edit your post, adding more blogs. I'll swing by and take a look!

    Thanks for the visit!! : )

  5. Hi, Brian!

    You're very welcome! You deserve the shout out, because your blog is very interesting!! And you're awesome, too!! : )

  6. Hi, Elizabeth!

    Oh, thank you SO much!! I knew my blog title had to have something to do with dreams, because all of us die-hard bookworms are always dreaming of either owning new books, or reading those we have already acquired! As for the kitten and pumpkin image, it's from a website that providew free holiday wallpapers.

    I'm going over to check out your Book Blogger Hop post. Thanks for commenting and following!! : )

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words and for the shout out. I truly appreciate it! Next year I am planning on reviewing a bit more adult and more thrillers.

  8. Wow - most of those blogs are new to me, and I'm checking each of them out now. Thanks for sharing your list - I love finding new book blogs to follow :-)

    Tanya Patrice


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