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Shelf Candy Saturday No. 252: Green Rider, by Kristen Britain

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Here's my choice for this week!

Green Rider
(Green Rider, Book 1)
Kristen Britain
Trade Paperback, 592  pages
April 1, 2011
Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

Here is another gorgeous Gollancz cover! Really, need I say more? No, but I will! Lol. I don't know how this publisher does it, but they always manage to bring out  utterly stunning covers for us passionate bookworms and bibliophiles to raptly gaze at! I'm getting this edition as soon as I possibly can!

I came across this beauty at S.J. Higbee's fascinating blog, Brainfluff! This is one of my favorite blogs, as it features tons of fantasy and SF! Besides, its creator and owner is an SF writer herself!! Music to my ears! You can see the post where S.J. features this glorious cover right HERE!

In her post, which includes several covers for this novel -- some from other countries -- S.J. mentions that she's not sure that there's actually a winged horse in this novel, but she doesn't care, as this image is so, so beautiful! I totally agree! (Note: One of the commenters, Sue Bursztynski, has pointed out that the Winged Horse is the symbol of the Green Riders in this novel, and is a gold brooch. Thanks, Sue!)

I have always loved winged horses, as well as unicorns. Of course, I have a deep love of real horses, especially those of the Arabian breed. I also love the Lipizzan breed. These are the horses who perform in the famous "Airs Above the Ground" equine shows at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. The horse on this cover is actually striking a pose very similar to one of those taught to the Lippizans by their trainers.

This winged horse has been drawn in such an exquisite style, which actually reminds me of the style of one of the greatest artists ever -- Leonardo da Vinci. However, the details are even more embellished than they would be in a da Vinci drawing. Still, the resemblance is very strong.

This is a proud steed indeed! His regal bearing is very much in evidence. This is the King of the Winged Horses! His mane highlights his restless energy, his wings poised for flight. Oh, he's just glorious!! How I wish I were owned by a majestic horse like this one.... (I wouldn't have the wings in the real world, of course. Lol.)

Another cover detail mentioned by S.J. was the totally boring font used for the title and author's name. What's up with that, Gollancz? I definitely agree with this, too! Surely the brilliant Gollancz designers could have put in a more elegant, ornamental font! I do realize that they probably didn't want anything to take away from that magnificent horse, but still. The font they've picked just doesn't fit with this gorgeous winged creature.

In spite of this objection, I really do love this cover, and I repeat, I need to make this book mine just as soon as I possibly can! Thanks to S.J. for featuring it in her own cover post!!

As for the gifted creator of this amazing cover, she uses the alias "pallanoph", and she has posted the complete drawing -- which totally blew me away -- on the site, Deviant Art. I was able to find out her real name, though; it's April Schumacher, and she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is in the US. 

Schumacher is a freelance illustrator who specializes in book illustration, especially concept and character design. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is also a painter. I think her work is exquisite! Interestingly, she also creates beautiful bird drawings, which accounts for the realistic detail seen on the wings of the horse on this cover.

So I'm adding Schumacher to my growing list of favorite book cover, design, and illustration artists!

UPDATE, 6/17/18!!
I have ordered this book from
The Book Depository, 
as it's cheaper there than on
Amazon. This book is now MINE.

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Gollancz (Wikipedia)

April Schumacher
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  1. I looked it up - the winged horse is the symbol of the Green Rider messengers. It’s a gold brooch.

    I see what you mean by the Da Vinci style of drawings, though you do realise that he was able to get those drawings so accurate because he cut up dead bodies... It would be a pity if he cut up a winged horse, wouldn’t it? 😁

    1. hi, Sue!

      Gosh, thank you SO much!! I have added your information to the post. What a BEAUTIFUL symbol for the Green Riders! And in gold, too! Lovely!! :) :)

      Yes, I see a definite Da Vinci influence here, and yes, I know that he dissected dead people. But did he also dissect dead horses? Not sure. Well, anyway, this drawing is just a freaking masterpiece! Be sure to check out the links I provided in the post. You'll be blown away, just like I was!!

      Thanks for the very helpful comment!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  2. It's obvious by now that Gollancz has the best damn covers! I've also always loved wing horses and unicorns. I think it goes back to my obsession with My Little Pony when I was a little kid. *nostalgia* And OMG I was JUST thinking it looks like a drawing by da Vinci before I read you were also reminded of it. Great minds think alike? :P

    1. Hi, Steph!

      Oh, ABSOLUTELY!! Whenever I'm struck by the beauty of a cover, I KNOW it has just GOT to be a Gollancz cover!! Well, actually, there are lovely covers put out by other publishers, but I think that Gollancz CONSISTENTLY puts out breathtaking covers!! VIVA GOLLANCZ!!!!

      Awwwww....My Little Pony!! So CUTE!! Well, I've loved winged horses and unicorns for the longest time..... But heck, I ADORE horses, so of course I would love these mythical horses, too!!

      OMG, so you, too, thought it looked like a Da Vinci drawing, even before you read the post? Yeah, great minds DO think alike!! Lol.

      Thanks for the lovely comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  3. The green is so subtle yet the effect is sticking, if that makes sense. I also like winged horses. That are such a magnificent result of the human imagination.This particular image is so striking. It seems that April Schumacher has incorporated what the learned about bias drawings into this picture.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Yes, it is subtle, and yet, it does create a very powerful effect! (And yeah, that does make sense.)

      Oh, winged horses are MAGNIFICENT!! I think it was the Greeks who invented them. As for unicorns, I'm not sure where and when they first appeared in mythology and fantasy. But I LOVE them, too!!

      Hmmm....not sure what you mean by "bias drawings". I looked this up on Google, but didn't find it. Do you mean drawing at an angle? Or is it drawing with a certain bias in mind?

      Anyway...thanks for an interesting comment!! <3 :)

  4. Thank you so much for the namecheck and pingback, Maria:)). And I should have recalled that the winged horse was the symbol of the Green Riders - I remembered it once Sue helpfully mentioned it... I'm delighted you loved this one so much - and many thanks for going to the trouble of discovering who the artist is - you're right, she is an amazing talent!

    Have a lovely weekend, Maria:)

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      You're very welcome!! I always make sure to link back to blogs from which I've gotten any type of information which I've incorporated into my own posts.

      Yeah, I'm SO glad that Sue mentioned that this is the symbol of the Green Riders! And what a BEAUTIFUL one it is, too!! Of course the horse would be winged, since this is a reference to Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology.

      Oh, I'm so ENCHANTED with this cover, I've already ordered this book from The Book Depository!! Lol. So it will soon take its proud place on my shelves!! And now I will have to get all the rest of the books in the Not all at once, though. :) :)

      You're very welcome for the information on the artist! I always provide information -- if available -- about the artists who have created the beautiful covers I feature in this meme! I did a Google search by typing in the words "cover artist for Green Riders", and came up with Schumacher's Deviant Art page. From there, it was easy to get the rest of the information!

      Since I'm replying to your comment on Sunday evening, I hope you had a lovely weekend, as well! Now I wish you a lovely week!! And thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog posts!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  5. So glad you got a copy. I can see why you love it so much!

  6. This is the first time I'm hearing about this book but it looks and sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing,
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles


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