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Shelf Candy Saturday #140: The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss


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Today I'm comparing two covers 
for the same book!

The Name of the Wind
(The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)
Trade Paperback, 672 pages
June 12, 2008
Fantasy, Science Fantasy

My Thoughts About This Cover

Ever since I saw my very first Gollancz cover, I've been hooked! This publisher puts out absolutely gorgeous covers which never fail to catch my eye. It's a very rare occasion when I don't like one of them!

This particular one immediately captivated me. It's just perfect in every way! The whole scene is mysterious, yet compelling. The forest surrounding and framing the wizard of the story seems to be protecting and sheltering him as he slowly walks into it. The vines and branches, done in a beautifully ornate style somewhat reminiscent of Art Nouveau, also frame the wizard, heightening his importance. This makes him very compelling as well, and motivates the reader to pick up this book and read it. 

The wizard is placed against a totally white background, which also serves to place the focus totally on him. This is the one thing I don't completely like about the cover, though. I think that the background should be very lightly tinted. On the other hand, perhaps the cover artist had the intention of showing the wizard surrounded by brilliant light, which would thus suggest that he's a good wizard.

The font used for the title and author's name is a classical one. I love the leafy vines growing out of the "W" in the word "Wind"; they echo those running along the sides of the cover.

The color scheme is also perfect; the artist has hit upon just the right colors to catch the viewer's eye. In  short, when I purchase this book, as I undoubtedly will, it will be the one with this cover!

I have not been able to locate any information about the highly talented artist, so I'll have to wait until I own  this book to see who this person is.....


The Name of the Wind
(The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)
Trade Paperback, 672 pages
DAW Trade
April 7, 2009
Fantasy, Science Fantasy

Incredibly, this cover doesn't appeal that much to me, even though it's predominantly blue, and this happens to be my favorite color. (Just take a look all over this blog!) 

The overall design of this cover is just not original or creative at all. Honestly, I feel that I've seen images very similar to this one many times before. The stormy sky and tall prairie grass don't really suggest wind to the viewer. Besides, the wizard is calmly walking along, apparently unconcerned about the weather. Or perhaps he has paused briefly to watch the approach of the storm.

The font used is very elegant, but it's totally unrelated to the cover image. Given the lack of movement in the scene depicted, it could have at least been made to suggest wind.

In short, I find this second cover to be totally uninspiring, and it would actually not compel me to buy the book, as the Gollancz cover does.

The Amazon US reader does provide the name of this artist. He is listed, simply, as "Donato". When I did a Google search, I found the name "Donato Giancola", and then visited his website. He certainly has a very impressive portfolio there. His style is very realistic. However, this particular cover just doesn't do much for me at all.

Donato's website can be accessed HERE.


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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Missie! Glad you like the first cover! Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. Great commentary on as always Maria.

    I do like the first cover better also. I would just add to what you said by noting that there is something about the wizard's face. Though it is only a tiny part of the picture there is something mysterious and erie about it that for me, adds a lot to the overall effect.

    Though I do not like the second cover that you posted as much, I do like it. The tree, the grass and the hills in the background convey to me something very ominous and erie. Blue is not the usual color for such an impression but this particular shade of blue works for me here.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the compliment!!

      I'm glad you prefer the first cover, too! Ironic, isn't it, that I would prefer a cover WITHOUT blue in it to a predominantly blue cover? LOL. But yeah, the first cover is simply MUCH better.

      You're so right about the wizard's face! It does indeed contribute to the cover's overall mood of mystery and eeriness. Interesting, too, since you can barely see his face.

      You're right as well about the fact that the second cover has an ominous feel to it. I wish I could like it more, especially since it's blue.....but it just can't compare, for me, with the first cover.

      Thanks for the GREAT comment!! : )


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