Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!! January Book Releases!

Wishing all the readers of 
A Night's Dream of Books
the most wonderful, 
happy, prosperous, and, above all,
PEACEFUL New Year!!!

Here are some exciting new January
releases to get all of us
addicted bookworms off to another
AWESOME reading year!!
Since this is an eclectic book blog,
I have picked books from
several genres.

Happy reading to all, 
and to all a GREAT year!!


  1. This is indeed a diverse group of books that you have included Maria! Of course for mr, such variety keeps reading eternally interesting.

    The Fierce Urgency looks very interesting. Regardless of whether one loves it or hates it, Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" fundamentally changed America and is well worth understanding.

  2. Hey, Brian!

    I've always wanted to read in several genres, although I know I've gravitated mostly to YA fiction. But I do indeed love diverse genres! Hopefully, this year I'll have more books from different genres.

    I knew that Lyndon Johnson book would grab your attention, which is one of the reasons I included it here. However, I, too, would like to read and review it. Although I normally don't read this type of book, this one does look very , very interesting!

    Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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