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Shelf Candy Saturday #70: Moonlit, by Jadie Jones

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This is my choice for this week!

Trade Paperback, 310 pages
WiDo Publishing
April 16, 2013
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance,
Young Adult Fiction

Why do I love this cover?

This incredibly gorgeous image brings together two of my favorite things in life -- horses, and the color blue! 

 I came across this beautiful cover while visiting one of my favorite blogs -- Vonnie's Reading Corner!  Vonnie published a post on this book, as a participant on two Friday hops: The Friday 56, and Book Beginnings on Fridays.  I fell in love with this cover right away, and knew that I had to feature it!

This cover is obviously made up of composite images, and yet, all of them go together quite well.  The three stallions in the middle of the cover seem to be bursting from the sea; there are some hints of sea foam at their feet, although the landscape behind them seems to be a combination of murky forest and stormy farmland. 

The bottom half of the cover shows a snake, on the lower left-hand side, slithering over some sort of weird metal ornament, while the lower right-hand side shows what I think might be a section of coral reef.

This is a very unusual cover!  The artist, or artists, has (have) blended all the disparate images together very well.  The colors are bright, vivid.   These images make me think of how you wake up and realizes that you've had various dreams, one blending smoothly right into the other.

I'm ordering this book on Amazon at once!  When I receive it in the mail, I'll come back and post information on the cover artist or artists.  I guess I should have done so when I actually had the book in my possession, but I simply couldn't wait!

Here's the book's back cover, which carries over the book's front images.  It's just as beautiful as the front!  The amount of meticulous, realistic detail in both covers is simply amazing!!

What do you think of my choice?
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  1. I have the ebook version that was given to me for review. Of course it does not have the back cover (one of the down sides of digital books). Thank you for posting a picture of the back side. It's beautiful! I love how the yellow and red pop out!

    Maria, you have such a great eye for detail. I didn't notice all of the images on the cover other than the horses, the color, and the snake. I'm looking at it with a whole new perspective now.

    I just started reading it this morning and I'm about 60 pages into it. It's really good! I really hope you like it once you receive it from Amazon :)

    1. Hey, Vonnie!

      Oh, I can't STAND e-books!!! I hope I'm never forced to buy a Kindle, simply because I have so many print books, there's no more Of course you can't have a back cover with an e-book. That's one of the reasons I HATE them.

      Thanks for complimenting my eye for detail. The thing is, I'm a very visual person (as you can see from my blog), so I really enjoy looking at and analyzing book covers!

      I've just found out about a blog tour for this book, by the way. It's on the blog I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER. I've also ordered it on Amazon already!!

      Thanks for dropping by again and commenting!! :)

    2. I used to not like ebooks either but they have slowly grown on me. I do find them to be convenient in some ways but I do rather have a physical book, especially if I love the book.

      I am actually participating the blog tour for Moonlit hosted by I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER. My review will be up on Monday, so keep an eye out for that :)

    3. Yeah, I know they're more convenient, and I do have a LOT of physical books....Maybe I'll have to get used to the idea someday. But then, if I do read an e-book, and I love it, I'll end up buying the print edition anyway. Lol.

      Oh, so you're participating in that tour? AWESOME!! Yes, I'll definitely be watching for your review tomorrow!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting again!! :)

  2. Another very good cover Maria. I think that the red at the bottom is, for lack of a better word phrase, something that the eye is not expecting. It creates an unusual contrast with the other colors. It does work for me however.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      You know, I forgot to say something about that...but you're right -- it's totally unexpected, and does create an unusual contrast with the other colors.

      I'm so glad you like this cover! Thanks for complimenting my choice! Those horses make the whole thing more dynamic and interesting, don't they?

      Thanks for another great comment!! :)

  3. This is a great hop idea... I'm a visual person as well, and I won't lie, I've bought more than one book based on the cover art.

    I also am not a fan of the ebook... I love that this blog is ebook free XD I just can't read them, I get a migraine staring at an electronic screen for that long. I know they're supposed to be the same reflective level as paper and all that... but it must be a sort of Pavlovian response, I just start feeling ill... plus, I LOVE PRINT. :) There are few things more satisfying than the heft of a book in one's hand.

    1. Hi, Heather!

      Glad you like the post! Actually, it's not a hop anymore. It used to be; I used to include a Linky widget at the bottom of the post, so other bloggers could link up after creating their own posts. At first, I had a few participants, but then they became fewer and fewer... If you click on the word "HERE" near the top of the post, you'll be taken to another post, in which I explain the whole story behind "Shelf Candy Saturday". It was originally started by another blogger.

      As you can see from this entire blog, I LOVE images, bright colors, and black post backgrounds with light gray text, instead of the usual white backgrounds with black text!! WOOT, WOOT!!! And, let me tell you, I ADORE the color blue!!! So enjoy!!

      I'm SO glad you agree about e-books!!! YAY!!! Yes, there are few things in life more satisfying than having a REAL book in one's hand!! And being able to turn pages, instead of scrolling and clicking, scrolling and clicking, on and on and on....UGH! Besides, where would the fun of something like BEA be, if it weren't for print books? Can you imagine people flying up to New York City to an e-book convention?! NOT.

      Thanks for such a great comment!! :)

  4. I agree - the horses are beautiful. I'm often guilty of buying a book because of the cover. There is something to be said for a beautiful print book. I love my kindle, but print is still and always will be my favorite way to read a book.

    1. Hi, Cat!

      Oh, I ADORE horses!!! And I will ALWAYS prefer print books over e-books! There's just nothing that can compare with reading a REAL book, instead of a screen. Besides, there's NO way we can have events like BEA with e-books!!

      Thanks for the visit and the GREAT comment!! :)


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