Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #18

This is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer, Lili,
Stephanie, Helen, and Tynga @ Tynga's Reviews!
(I have decided to start participating
every other week, though, because of
time constraints.)

As the title implies, this is all about
sharing the books you're adding
to your shelves, be they physical or virtual.
For the complete rules, and to sign up,
just click on the link above.

This week's haul!!

Books Purchased 

I've recently discovered this series,
and came across the special edition of the
very first volume!
Kate Daniels sure sounds like a very intriguing,
strong heroine!  Besides, 
these books are full of magic and action!
This special edition contains some
extra material, too, like a story prequel,
and an FQA section!


Trade Paperback, 384 pages

This debut novel caught my eye
the moment I first saw its
gorgeous cover on
I love horses passionately, so
this book just had to be mine!!
Of course, the plot is truly awesome,
too, with lots of supernatural mayhem

Trade Paperback, 310 pages

I first came across this one on
The cover is absolutely beautiful, although
I was dubious at first, since I thought,
at first sight, that  the girl was holding a
human heart in her left hand...
Thankfully, that's not the case!!
I was also pulled in by the plot, which deals with
"women who can sing magic into the world."
They are known as 'Chantresses'.
This is a very original idea, as well as a
highly compelling one!

Hardcover, 336 pages

Books for Review

(Big thanks to TLC Book Tours!!)

This series, by award-winning romance author
 features ten Scottish warriors,
selected by Robert the Bruce
(who was a real person),
who are dedicated to the cause of
freeing Scotland from English rule.
They also battle to win the
hearts of the women they love...
When I first saw these covers,
I knew I had to read the books!
After all, I do love historical romance,
as well!

Monica McCarty
Mass Market Paperback, 382 pages

Monica McCarty
Mass Market Paperback, 398 pages

Monica McCarty
Mass Market Paperback, 405 pages

What do you think of my haul?
What awesome books did you stack
on your shelves this week?


  1. Nice haul. I like the sound of some of your books this week. I know print books only. No e-books. I love E-books.


    1. Hi, Grace!

      I know EXACTLY which books you like -- the McCarty novels, right? Yeah, I know....all those GORGEOUS hunks on the covers!

      And no, absolutely NO e-books for me!! Lol.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I'll go check out your haul, which I'm sure will make me drool, as always! (Except for the e-books, hee, hee!) :)

  2. Chantress sounds so amazing! I really hope you enjoy everything. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Hi, Krystianna!

      Yeah, I KNOW I'll enjoy reading "Chantress"! Of course, I'll enjoy the other books, too, but this one is just SO very unique...

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! :)

  3. Great haul of books! Loved Chantress and Magic Bites, hope you like them too! Happy reading :)

    My Haul!

    1. Hi, there!

      Oh, I KNOW I'll love these two! thanks for dropping by and commenting!! :)

  4. I've heard great things about Chantress. Enjoy!

    My Stack

    1. Hey, Jennifer!

      I can't wait to read "Chantress"!! I can just tell it'll be GREAT!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!! :)

  5. I am squeeing here right now, Maria! I absolutely adore Ilona Andrews, so I'll be keeping fingers crossed that you like the book. It might not grip you right away, but each book in the series is better than the previous one. Enjoy all, darling!

    1. Hey, Kara!

      I've just discovered this series, and am totally excited about starting it!! I'm sure I'll love this book, as well as all the rest in this series!

      Thanks for the visit and the great comment!! :)

  6. Moonlit looks amazing! I hope you enjoy all your new books!
    Here are my newest additions.

    1. Hi, Jay!

      Yeah, when I first saw that GORGEOUS cover, I just knew I had to get it!!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! :)


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