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Book Blogger Hop #23 (6/21 - 6/27): Reviews - During Or After?

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What to Do

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When you are writing your reviews,
do you write them as you are
reading, or wait until you
are completely done with the book?

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My Answer

Most reviewers, I think, tend to wait until they finish reading a book before starting to write their reviews. I usually do the same.  However, sometimes I actually begin writing my review toward the end of the book.  That's because, if I really like the book, I can't wait to share it with my readers! 

Now that I think about it, it might not be a bad idea to begin work on a review as one begins a book, then add to it and revise as necessary, as reading progresses.  That way, important details can be retained fresh in the mind.  Of course, it's not good to be including spoilers.  Still, this could be an interesting way to proceed.  I think I'll give it a try when I write my next review!


  1. Good Morning! I'm already a follower. Just linked up my answer for today. Hope your weekend will be fun!

    1. Thanks for following! Hope you have a fun weekend, as well!! :)

  2. I can see why some people will try to write their reviews before finishing a book, but that doesn't work for me. I prefer to wait until the end.

    I do understand though that there are times that a book gets exciting and you cannot wait to share it with others. When this happens, I take notes, tell whoever is nearby me (my siblings are used to this), and/or I share it when I do the book hops such as the Friday ones.

    Have you tried taking notes? I think this strategy would be beneficial for you.

    My post

    1. Hey, Vonnie!

      I had been thinking along the same lines...yes, taking notes as one reads is definitely a good idea. I'm going to start doing that. However, the way I'll do it is this: I'll put in a good stretch of reading, and then stop to take notes. If a book has me turning pages and staying up late, I won't want to take notes in the middle of all the action. But I certainly do so after putting in some hours of reading.

      Thanks for the great comment!! :)

  3. That is exactly what I do. I start writing and then revise and add on or remove information as I continue to read. It is a lot more thorough this way.

    Stop by for my full answer if you like.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      You know, I never thought of writing a review that way, but am certainly willing to try it out. After all, some important details might be lost if one waits until the very end of the book. I might try taking notes, as Vonnie suggested.

      Thanks for the interesting comment!! :)

  4. I read first too. Unless it's something I don't like. Then I take notes to explain why. GFC follower.

    Meredith’s Musings

    1. Hi, Meredith!

      I agree with you on this one. It's very important to explain why you didn't like a book!

      Thanks for the comment and the follow!! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hey, Vicky!

      I think most people tend to do the same. I will probably be changing my own approach to writing reviews, and doing something similar to what Vonnie and Elizabeth have suggested.

      Thanks for commenting!! :)

  6. I as try to do things a little differently I usually start writing in mid book. Though my posts have varied a bit my general pattern has been to only do a paragraph or two of "Review" and then spend the remainder of the post exploring something that a book makes me think about. I think that this style makes it a little easier to get started early. I can begin digging into the idea I want to focus on.

    Sometimes if I have written nothing until the end of a book the writing part seems just a little bit like a chore. I feel much better if I at least have gotten it started.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, this is certainly a very unique and interesting approach to writing a review! I think I'll try this out myself. Great idea!

      You're so very right about it feeling like a chore, if one waits to write a review when done with the book. I can definitely relate to this!

      Thanks for the super interesting comment!! :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my page and commenting! :D Love your answer, as well as your blog. Can't wait to read your next review.


    1. You're very welcome, V! And thanks for the compliment on my answer and my blog, as well as for commenting back!! Be sure to check out my review of "Breaking Dawn", which I posted today!! :)


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