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At the beginning of last year, I set a very important goal for my blog, which was to start featuring book tours.  I am now a tour host for three different tour companies (although I haven't participated in any tours for the third one, TLC Book Tours, since I've just recently joined up).

The first tour company I joined was Innovative Online Book Tours.  I have participated in several of their tours, either as a reviewer, interviewer, with a promotional post, or inviting an author to do a guest post on my blog. 

Later on in the year, I joined Novel Publicity Book Tours, and have so far participated in one event, doing two author interviews for it. 

I hope to continue bringing you interesting book tours this year, as well!

These are the I.O. tours I participated in!

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to see the post associated with it. 

The above is for the review post.
I also interviewed Ms. Kramer.
You will find that post

The above is for the review post.
Dr. Cort also did a series of
weekly guest posts for my blog,
which, because of lack of space, I am not
going to list here.

These are the Novel Publicity Tours
I participated in!

This was actually one tour,
with several stops along the way.
I participated in two author interviews.

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to see the main event page.
For the author interviews, just
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Pavarti K. Tyler

Anderson O'Donnell


  1. That's awesome that you have commited yourself to a few book tours. Are you enjoying it?

    I am starting to participate in my first ones this month through I am a Reader, Not a Writer. I'm actually pretty excited.

  2. Hey, Vonnie!

    Oh, I LOVE doing book tours!! They are a lot of work, but I really enjoy them! The only thing, though, is that I only do tours for print books. I don't like ebooks at all!! I HATE them!! So I will never do tours for "I Am A Reader, Not A Writer", because she only features ebooks. I don't like to promote them!!

    Good luck with the tours!! I know you'll really like doing them as much as I do!!

    Let me know when you put your first one up, and thanks for dropping by and commenting!! :)

  3. Yeah, that's the downside of "I am a Reader..." Luckily, I was gifted the Nook HD tablet for Christmas, so reading the ebooks is much easier now instead of relying on my laptop that doesn't survive more than an hour without being connected.

    I reviewed one print book back in August, I think, for an author but it wasn't a blog tour. I enjoyed having the physical book with me.

    I'm gonna see how I do with these review ebooks that I have signed up. If I could handle it with my busy schedule and I don't bomb my reviews, then I'll start looking to review print books.

    Do you have any suggestions of where to go for print books, especially for beginners?

  4. Very interesting commentary came out of the tours. I am glad to hear that you will continue with them.

    I cannot wait to see what is included.

  5. Hey, Vonnie!

    One of the tour companies I recently signed up with is TLC Tours. They've told me that they very rarely do tours with ebooks. Music to my ears!!

    I'm going to send you the link to their site.

    Thanks for commenting again!! : )

  6. Hey, Brian!

    Thank you!! I really enjoy doing tours, and will continue to do so! I'm glad you enjoy reading my tour posts!!! :)


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