Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday #36: Simply Perfect, by Mary Balogh

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Here's my pick for this week!
Hardcover, 352 pages
Delacorte Press
March 25, 2008
Genre: Historical Romance

Why do I love this cover?
My faithful readers know that this one's a no-brainer!  Just look at all that blue!!  There's simply no other color in the universe that I love as much as this color that covers the sky, and is reflected by the ocean!
The feeling of serenity in this cover comes not only from its beautiful tones of that most beautiful of colors, but also from the composition itself.  The trees in the foreground frame the scene of two swans looking at each other in the middle of a calm lake.  There's a house on the far shore, with more trees all around.   The time of year could be summer, or perhaps early fall.
All the things normally associated with true love are present in this cover -- peace, true companionship, the feeling of timelessness...  When I first saw this book on Amazon, I knew it had to be mine!  Besides, Mary Balogh is one of my favorite authors, and every one of her books is a gem!
The beautiful classical lettering is the perfect complement to this peaceful cover.  In fact, the entire cover is just like the title - simply perfect!!
The very talented cover artist is
Lynn Andreozzi!
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to
find much information about her.
I did find out that
she's an art director for Random House.
The dust jacket mentions that
she's responsible for the jacket art,
as well as image manipulation.
The photo of the woods
comes from
The jacket lettering is by
David Gatti.
There are several people
with this name listed on Google,
so I couldn't get any information
on this lettering artist,
beyond the fact that he worked
on this cover, for Random House.

What do you think
of my choice?
What beautiful cover(s)
are you featuring this week?



  1. This is a great cover.

    I spend a fair amount of times in the woods and parks. This scene really reminds my of little places that I love. Sometimes the parks have houses and mansions on the grounds so this could be scene really could be a place that I visit.

    I also love blue too!

  2. Hey, Brian!

    This is such a peaceful scene...and the swans obviously symbolize the two main characters who fall in love.

    The color blue has always been my favorite!! I like other colors, of course, but there's just something SO special about blue...

    Thanks for commenting!! : )


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