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September 18, 2012
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Here they are -- my favorite young adult releases for September, 2012!!  This is a fabulous collection of books, and I want them all right now, of course!  They all feature great plots with wonderful heroes and heroines, covering the genres of fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, which happen to be three of my all-time favorite genres! 

Some of these books are sequels, while others are the first ones in a series.  Interestingly, only one of them is by a male author -- Stormdancer.  This novel still focuses on an indomitable heroine, and in Japan, which adds even more interest to the story, since I don't know much about that country... The cover of this book, although not blue, is still beautiful, and I love it!!

One of these books, Tiger's Destiny, features an incredibly gorgeous cover, created by the same artist who did the ones for the previous three volumes in this series.  I'm happy to report that I own all three, and now, of course, I'm pre-ordering the fourth! 

One book, Entice, deals with angels, while yet another, Covet, deals with vampires.  Both are favorite supernatural creatures of mine!  I especially like the cover of Entice.

Another book, Hidden, deals with very unusual shapeshifting creatures - dragons!  The interesting thing about this novel is that the dragons are able to shift into humans, instead of the other way around...

Shadowfell is in the high fantasy genre, complete with fairies and magic, and, of course, another indomitable heroine, while in The Crown of Embers, also in the same genre, a very young queen must embark on a quest to find a mythical source of power.

All in all, I love all of these books, and am eagerly looking forward to someday owning and reading all of them!  (Well, before the end of this decade, at least...)

I hope that some of you will agree that these novels would be great additions to your TBRs, which I know are probably as huge as mine!  Happy reading!! 



  1. Looks like a irresistible list! All the covers look great too. Stormdancer seems particularly intriguing. I took a quick look at it on Amazon. It seems to mix motifs of Japanese culture with all sorts of other elements and sounds very interesting as well as fun.

    You sound like you might have a problem that I share Maria, a TBR growing much faster then one could possibly read!

  2. I am so excited for Stormdancer, I've heard great things about it! The Tiger series is the only one in your list which I'm not fangirling- but that's only because the India in it makes me giggle ridiculously. Ooh, Raven Boys has a terrific synopsis- I've been totally dying for it, so glad to know it'll be out soon!
    The new banner is beautiful btw- fits the name of your blog and is blue! I love anything blue :D

  3. Hey, Brian!

    Oh, yeah! I want all these books!!!! As for "Stormdancer", I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon! That cover is SO AWESOME!! (In spite of not being blue, lol.)

    You know, all of us bookworms have the same problem with our TBRs...there are SO many terrific books out there, and not enough time (or money) to get to them's very frustrating!!! It's especially so for me, since I have TWO jobs...AAAARRGGGHHH!!!!

    Thanks for commenting (and commiserating) with me!!! : )

  4. Hi, Varsha!

    As I just told Brian, I've already pre-ordered "Stormdancer" from Amazon. I don't know when I'll be able to read it, since now I'm doing blog tours, as well as a TBR challenge...I have SO many books I can use for this challenge, too, that I haven't gotten to "Divergent", "Delirium", the Vampire Academy books, "Beautiful Creatures", "Starcrossed", "Wings of the Wicked", "Hereafter"....and I could go on and on...

    I've just started reading a YA novel titled "Forbidden Mind", by Kimberly Kinrade. It's part of a book tour. It's really good so far. I have to read the other two books in the series, as well. (See my sidebar.)

    OMG!! If the depiction of India in the Tiger books makes you giggle, that means that the author didn't do her research thoroughly!! Not good news... well, I already have the first three books, so I might as well get the fourth one, right? That's another bunch of books I can read for my TBR challenge.

    Thank you so very much for complimenting the new banner!!! It's really GORGEOUS, isn't it? And it's SOOO blue, too. If you check out my sidebar, you'll see who designed it. I wish I could claim credit for it, but I can't! The designer's name is Jennifer, and she's TERRIFIC!! But then, you're TERRIFIC as a designer yourself!! So maybe I'll ask you for a banner, too, later on!!

    Thank you so much for a GREAT comment!! : )

  5. Hey Maria, long time no comment. :)

    I have to say I really love your blog's new look-- the banner is absolutely magical and works so perfectly with your name! I'm looking forward to reading a lot of these new releases you're looking forward to, too, especially The Raven Boys. Stormdancer sounds fascinating and I love the cover, but I had not heard of it-- must check it out on goodreads.

    Anyway, it's great to visit your blog again. :)

  6. Hey, Kat!!!!

    Oh, it's GREAT to hear from you!!! Where have you been? Yeah, I know...very busy with school, right? I haven't been by your blog in a long time, either. I just took a look, and saw that you last posted in April...I do hope you can start posting more regulsrly, since I always looked forward to your posts!

    Thanks loads for the compliment about my banner!! Wish I could claim credit for it, but I can't. It was done by a terrific blog designer, Jenn @ Sapphire Blog Designs. She did my blog buttons, too! (Her button is below mine, in the sidebar.) They're all perfect, aren't they? I LOVE them!!

    Well, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I've pre-ordered "Stormdancer", and can't wait to get it!! (And all the other book, as well!!)

    Again, hope you start posting more regularly soon, and thanks for such a nice comment!! : )


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