Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Blogger Hop #9 (9/21 - 9/27) What my blog readers probably don't know about me is...


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My Answer:

What they don't know is how I started reading science fiction! 

I have to give a little bit of background first...
When I was around 10, I started reading a lot of horse books, and loved to draw winged unicorns whenever I got bored in class.  I read such books as the Black Stallion novels, by Walter Farley, My Friend Flicka, Black Beauty, National Velvet, etc.  I was really into horses, although my parents wouldn't let me get riding lessons because they were afraid I would fall off a horse.  (And break my glasses and/or some body part.) 

Well, around the age of 12, I met this girl who claimed she came from another planet (I can't recall the name of this planet, unfortunately, but it was definitely not in our solar system).  She drew the most fabulous spaceships, too!  She got me hooked on science fiction, and I stopped reading horse books for a long time.  She also claimed that her real name was "Chel-al Burr".  I promptly started to hero-worship her, and claimed that I really came from Mars, and that my real name was "Chal-ter Byron".  (Same initials, too, lol.)  She rigged up a couple of 'antennas' once, from wire clothes hangers and plastic Easter egg halves.  We used them to 'communicate' with each other!

Anyway, I suddenly knew what I wanted to be when I grew up -- an astronaut!  I switched from Flicka to Lucky Starr's adventures, written by Isaac Asimov, under the pen name of Paul French.  I also started daydreaming about alien cultures, spaceships, and so on...  As I entered adolescence, I began reading Asimov's adult books, as well as novels by Heinlein and Bradbury, and the stories of Cordwainer Smith.  I also got hooked bigtime on "Star Trek" re-runs (the original series), and wanted to be a crew member of the USS Enterprise.  I had crushes on both Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk -- sometimes I loved one more than the other...
Needless to say, when I found out how rigorous astronaut training was (and still is), I changed my mind about joining Neil Armstrong in outer space, deciding to confine my space voyages to the ones found strictly within the covers of science fiction books!

I owe my lifelong love of science fiction to my 7th-grade friend, Chel-al, whose 'Earthling' name was Sylvia... Sadly, I lost touch with her years ago.  I have no idea what part of the galaxy she might currently be stationed in...

What did you think of
my answer?
I'm really looking forward
to reading yours!





  1. That is too funny! What a wonderful way of being introduced to a genre that you soon come to love if not worship.

    New follower!
    My Friday Hops.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish I had a special friend that shared my love of books but sadly none of my friends were as much of an addict to books or any particular genre. My sister tolerated my hundred or two hundred books cluttering our shared bedroom but she never wanted to read.

  3. That's a great story Maria!

    I too began to read lots of science fiction around the age that you did. I also was a huge fan of the original Star Trek series.

    I never read Cordwainer Smith but I always loved Heilein and Bradbury among many others.

  4. Great story - interesting fact.

    Stop by to find out my secrets and for a giveaway of five e-books if you like. It is right below the Book Blogger Post.

    Silver's Reviews

  5. Hi, Vonnie!

    You know, the funniest thing of all is how seriously we took the whole thing! Lol. Oh, to be a kid again...

    Thank you so much for commenting and following!! I'll be coming over to read yours as soon as I get a chance! I'm getting ready for work... (Reality sucks!!)

  6. I'm blog hopping! Loved the answer. Being a teacher I know how kids love to say their from other planets. That happens quite often if you can believe that.
    Thanks for sharing!New Follower!
    My Friday Book Blog Hops

  7. Hi, Lizzy!

    Well, this was a childhood friendship. At the moment, I have no friends who are book lovers like me...and hubby isn't into books, either. He's more into technology -- he's a computer geek.

    As for my siblings -- I have two sisters, and neither one likes to read, either! So I can relate.

    I know where my love of books comes from -- my mom. When she was in her twenties (and single!), she used to take a book everywhere she went. Like mother, like daughter! I do the very same thing!!

    Glad you liked my story! Thanks for commenting!! : )

  8. Hey, Brian!

    Thank you! I wish life wouldn't go by so fast...I can still remember how Sylvia and I used to talk about "our planets"! Lol.

    Heinlein and Bradbury are TERRIFIC!! Hope you get to read some Cordwainer Smith, too, since he's just as awesome!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  9. Hi Elizabeth!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my story! I'll be sure to go take a look at yoru giveaway.

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  10. Hey, there, Michelle!

    Glad you liked my story! Gee, I had no idea it was such a popular idea for kids to say they came from other planets. I guess kids instinctively know that THIS planet has some problems... lol.

    I'll be taking a look at your hop answer!

    Thank you so much for commmenting and becoming a follower!! : )

  11. What a great answer! I like science fiction as well - I won't say I love it, I do like it. I just finished reading "The Martian Chronicles". I borrowed the book from my daughter who took a college Science Fiction course for her English major last semester. She was pretty much drowned in science fiction for that course, but she really liked "The Martian Chronicles" so I had to read it.

  12. Hi, Alleluia Lu!

    Glad you liked my answer! Oh, and "The Martian Chronicles" is onf of my favorite SF books!! Bradbury is such a GREAT writer!! His prose style is nothing short of AWESOME. So I'm glad you decided to read this book!

    Thanks you much for commenting!! : )


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