Saturday, September 22, 2012


Welcome to my second
blogoversary at
A Night's Dream of Books!!

Time really does fly!!
It's been two years (today) since I started
this blog, and that means quite 
an exhilarating journey!
Not only have I grown as a blogger,
reviewed many fascinating reads,
and met many wonderful
fellow bloggers,
but I've enjoyed every minute of it!

If you'd like to read it,
you can find my very first post

Now I'd like to celebrate with
all of my faithful followers, so...
I'm having a giveaway!!

Here are the prizes!!

One winner will get their choice
of one of the following books,
courtesy of our good ol'
prize provider,
This is an international
contest, too, since TBD
delivers all over the world!
(Just make sure your country
is included.
You can do that by clicking

These are the books!!

Hidden - Sophie Jordan
Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck

Forbidden - Nicola Cornick
Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer

Rowena Cory Daniells
Larry Niven, Edward M. Lerner

Shadowfell - Juliet Marillier
Covet - Melissa Darnell

Timothy L. O'Brien
The Solitary House - Lynn Shepherd

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below!
Good luck to everyone!



  1. felicidades mi amiga! time does fly indeed and i'm so grateful we got to meet through the blogosphere.

    these are all wonderful books and if i win, i'd love to have a copy The Solitary House. i read the blurb and historical suspense is right up my alley!

    thank you for being gracious Maria and i wish you all the best always! cuidate mucho!

  2. First Happy Blogoversary to you! How wonderful to be celebrating two years and what a fab giveaway. I would pick one of the historical romances, since they are always a pleasure to read.

  3. Hi, Ao!!

    Thanks for the congrats, mi amigo!! You are always SO nice!!

    Yes, time DOES fly...I can hardly believe it myself...TWO years!!

    You made an excellent pick, and I wish you the best of luck!! I'm interested in this book myself, although I don't normally read this type of thing. But it does look exciting, doesn't it?

    This time around, I decided to offer a wider selection of books, instead of only including Young Adult paranormal romance books. It got you into the contest!!

    Thanks again for entering and commenting!! Eres un amigo muy especial!! Que Dios te bendiga!! : )

  4. Hi, Kimba!

    Thanks for entering!! One little thing, though...this is my SECOND blogoversary! I know -- it seems like only yesterday! Lol.

    Godd luck, and thanks for entering!! : )

  5. Congrats i hope you will have many more^^

    i would like tiger 's destiny because i love this series

    thank you a lot

  6. Happy Blogoversary to you! I can't even believe it's been two years already! Congrats! I would like to win Tiger's Destiny, because I've heard it's amazing!

  7. Happy blogoversary!
    I would choose Hidden so I can finish reading the series. (I love that series!)

  8. Congratulations on two years Maria! May you continue this for a long, long time! You have created one of the best and interesting book blogs on the here!

  9. Congrats on 2 years! you have done a fantastic job during them and i hope you continue for a very long time!

  10. Hi, Miki!

    I have the first three books of that series, and want this one, too!

    Good luck, and thanks fpr entering the contest!! You're welcome for it, as well! : )

  11. Hi, Veronika!

    Thanks for the congrats!! Yes, I know...I can't believe it myself!

    I want "Tiger's Destiny", too! Good luck, and thanks for entering!! : )

  12. Hi, Freda!

    Thanks for the congrats!! I've heard a lot about this series, but haven't gotten to it yet.

    Good luck to you, and thanks for entering!! : )

  13. Hi, brian!

    Oh, THANK YOU!!! You're always so nice!! I greatly appreciate your compliments!! And let me tell you, you're no slouch yourself!!

    Thanks again for such a SUPER nice comment!! : )

  14. Congratulations!, I think I would choose Covet seems like an interesting read!

  15. Hi, Grace!

    Thanks for the congrats! Oh, you've picked a really good one! I want to get this one myself!!

    Thanks as well for participating in the giveaway, and commenting on this post!! : )

  16. Hi, there, LunaMoth!

    Thank you SO much for congratulating me and complimenting my blog!! You're so sweet!! I really appreciate your comment!!

    Hope you decide to come back and enter the giveaway!! : )

  17. I have entered, there are some great prizes!

  18. Hi, again, LunaMoth!

    I went back to your blog to see if I could find your real name, because you don't show up in the Rafflecopter as "LunaMoth" (which is a lovely nickname, BTW!!), and discovered that your real name is Jessica. So thanks for entering!! Best of luck to you!! Hope you win!! : )

  19. Happy blogoversary!
    I'd pick Hidden..or can I have another choice that's not on this list, if I won? Just asking. :)

  20. Wow 2 years!! I've only had a Blog for a month . . .I'm a new follower via GFC and I love your Blog :-) . . .I would like to win Covet because the cover is so appealing and dramatic . . . .thank you xx

  21. Hi Maria! Wow, congratulations :D That's a long journey and I'm so happy to be a part of the next few days, months, and years to come :D New follower via GFC - My Book and My Coffee.

    I'm Ara, by the way. I would love to win The Solitary House - Lynn Shepherd. I love mystery books and this one looks really gooood! :D

  22. Hi, Michelle!

    That's a great choice! But I suppose you can pick out another book if you like! No problem!

    Best of luck to you, and thanks for entering!! : )

  23. Hi, Kirsty!

    Thanks for the congrats!! Yeah, it's gone by so fast...I can hardly believe it myself! Thanks also for the compliment about my blog!! I work REALLY hard on it, believe me!

    I covet "Covet" for myself, too. Great choice!! Best of luck to you, and thanks for entering!! : )

  24. Hi, Ara!

    Oh, thanks for the congrats and the good wishes!! It's been fun, and I'm sure hoping to continue enjoying it for a long time to come!

    That's a great choice you've made! Good luck to you, and thanks for entering!! : )

  25. I would love to win for Hidden. :) I'm following the trilogy. :) Happy 2nd Blogoversary!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  26. Hi, Maidenveil!

    Thanks for the congrats! You've made a great choice!! Best of luck and thanks for entering!! : )

  27. Congrats! I would like covet bc crave was just sooo amazing!!

  28. Happy Anniversary! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I'd choose The Solitary House - Lynn Shepherd because I loved the cover and the story seems to be fascinating *-*

  29. Hey, Cordellia!

    Thanks for the congrats! And you've picked a great one! I want this book myself!! Thanks for entering, and good luck!! : )

  30. Hi, Lis!

    Thanks so much for the congrats, and you're very welcome for the giveaway!

    I like "The Solitary House", too, although I don't normally read this genre. Still, it does look very interesting!

    Good luck to you, and thanks for entering!! : )

  31. Thanks for the great giveaway! It's hard for me to pick just one book from these... The Solitary House, Shadowfell, and Sanctuary all look good-- I will have to look up the others on Goodreads. Congrats on your 2nd blogoversary-- mine is coming up as well. :)

  32. Hey, Kat!!

    Oh, it's GREAT that you've entered the giveaway!! And you've got some good picks, too -- any one of them will make terrific reading!

    You're more than welcome for the giveaway, and thanks for the congrats!!

    I'll be sure to enter your blogoversary giveaway, if you decide to have one! Best of luck to you!!

  33. I think I would chose Shadowfell. It looks interesting.

  34. Hi, Lisa!

    Great choice! I just bought that one myself tonight, with a rebate from my cell phone provider, Metro PCS!! Lol.

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway! Best of luck to you!! : )

  35. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many many more! Thanks for the giveaway! I'd pick Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer :)

  36. Hi, Erin!

    Thanks for the congrats!! And thanks as well for participating in the giveaway, for which you're very welcome! If you win, you'll really enjoy your pick!! )I know, because I've read this book.) Good luck!! : )


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