Saturday, March 31, 2012

101 Fantasy Reading Challenge!!

This is a wonderful, perpetual reading challenge, hosted by Michelle at The True Book Addict, which is an amazing blog dedicated to historical fiction!  The challenge itself is located at the link shown in the button above:

Although I've had this button in my sidebar for quite some time now, I had neglected to actually sign up for this challenge, so I'm posting this in order to make it official -- I'm in!

This challenge originally ran from 10/10/09 to 10/10/10, but became a perpetual challenge on 10/3/10.  If you'd like to participate, you can find the original signup post HERE  It contains the rules for the original one-year challenge.  It's better, though, to sign up HERE, because you will find an updated list of participants.  You can link up your challenge reviews on THIS PAGE.

Don't worry -- you don't need to read 101 books in any particular length of time!  Just go to the original rules page, and you'll find out exactly what you have to do.  Yes, there's a list of books, but the total is not 101, but 813!  So there are plenty of titles to choose from!  You can find this list HERE.

Of course, this challenge can be combined with other reading challenges, which is a huge plus!  That way, I can read books for this challenge, as well as for the 2012 TBR Reading Challenge I'm already signed up for!  Any of you who decide to participate can also combine this challenge with others you're already signed up for.

These are some of the books I'd love to read:

C.S. Lewis

Cassandra Clare

Kristin Cashore

Madeline L'Engle

Christopher Paolini

Neil Gaiman

Robin McKinley

Libba Bray

(40th anniversary edition)
Peter S. Beagle

Ursula K. Le Guin

I'm really looking forward
to participating
in this awesome challenge!!
How about you?
I sure hope you decide
to join in the fun!!


  1. I always love visiting your blog - it's such a pretty feast for my eyes! So many books on your list are also on mine such as Eragon and The Last Unicorn - two amazing books that I can't believe I haven't read yet!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

    1. Gosh, thank you, Megan!! I always love it when people comment on my blog design!! I'm so happy you enjoy your visits here!! I was an art major in college, so I have incorporated my love for design into the blog. I feel that a book blog has to be visually appealing as well as interesting. I love to experiment with font colors, and different design ideas, although the layout will basically remain the same. I figure, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" That's just me, though! Other bloggers are constantly changing their layouts, headers, templates, fonts...what have you, and that's perfectly all right, too. I LOVE the background for my blog, which was provided by Blogger! I call it "cosmic blue". By now, you must know how much I LOVE this color!! The template was also provided by Blogger, although I have customized it. I wouldn't change either the background or the template; I think they're just perfect!! As for the header, I think I have created one that perfectly matches the blog's name, so I don't think I'll be changing it, either, at least not for a loooooong time!

      You know, I can't believe I haven't read ERAGON and THE LAST UNICORN, either! There are SO many books I really "should" have read by now... Lol.

      Thanks again for the very lovely comment!! : )


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