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Shelf Candy Saturday #5: Winter's Shadow

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This week, I'm showing
some cover love to:

M.J. Hearle
Paperback, 432 pages
Pan McMillan Australia
June 1, 2011

You can check out my review

When I discovered this book, with its unforgettable cover, it was literary love at first sight!  I just had to make it part of my collection!  The disappointing fact that it had been published in Australia, and wasn't available in the States, didn't deter me.  I just kept looking on the Internet...  Well, it took a few months of on-and-off searching, but I finally found the book, ordered it, and got it into my eager little hands!  I wasted no time laminating it, too!

Incredibly, the cover is a photograph.  The color suffusing the forest in the background has been manipulated, of course.  It's this beautiful, eerie, electric blue, with just a little bit of green.  It not only gives an otherworldly look to the cover, but also frames the couple in the center very nicely.

The red hair is almost a bright orange, and immediately rivets the viewer's attention on the embracing couple.  Although their faces aren't visible, one can feel the emotions just from their pose -- they're very much in love with each other, but there's despair and desperate longing in their embrace, hinting that something or someone is threatening their relationship.  The girl is probably crying, and the boy is attempting to console her, while he himself has no hope left.  It's just perfectly done!  In one glance, the reader is getting a preview of the emotional intensity of this story.

The bottom of the cover is black, which is also a hint that darkness is somehow threatening to swallow them.  The title stands out in very stark, classic lettering against this background.  The stylized leaves on the sides of the cover are the same color as the lettering, and also frame it, giving the cover a very aesthetic look.

This is indeed an incredibly well-designed cover!  The image itself is a stock photo, from Getty Images/StockphotosThe designer is Lisa White, about whom I was unable to get any information, except that she won the 2011 Best Designed Fiction Book Award from the Australian Publishers Association, for a book titled Jasper Jones, by Craig Silvey.  This book is mentioned on the Bookseller + Publisher blog, Fancy Goods.   Just scroll down the page until you find it.  

Here is the online bookseller where I was finally able to purchase this novel, at the lowest price I've seen yet, with free worldwide shipping:  


  1. I agree, it is love at firs sight. I love every element. I especially appreciate that the cover is so well done and manages to keep the faces hidden. I enjoy imagining the characters for myself.
    I hope that it turns out to be a great read. How wonderful that you laminate your books.
    I enjoyed your descriptive post.

  2. Hi, Steph!

    Yes, this is truly a great cover! Glad you like it! And you're right -- it's better to imagine the characters for oneself.

    I've already read the book, and it's TERRIFIC!! I hightly recommend it!!

    I enjoy laminating my books, because of course I want to protect them! However, not all of them are laminated, because I have so many, there's no way I can get to them all! I do my best, though...

    Thanks for the comment, especially the compliment about my description of the cover!!

    Have a FAB weekend!! : )

  3. I think this is a beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog. Following you back!

  4. Hey, there, Jenn!

    I'm glad you like this cover, too. It's one of my personal favorites!

    You're very welcome for the share and the visit. Thanks for your lovely comment, and for following back!! : )

  5. the cover is breath-taking. i checked out the book on the link you provided and i'm going to buy it as soon as i can. :D

  6. Hi, Megan!

    Oh, I'm so happy you love the cover, and are getting the book! I'm glad to help out! Hope you enjoy this novel!!

    Thanks for commenting, and following back!!! : )

  7. I love this cover too! I was drawn to this book based on the cover alone. I wish I could pull off this color of hair :)

    I love your blog! It's one big Shelf Candy Everday!

  8. Hey, Steph! Oh, this cover is definitely scrumptious! I hope you decide to read this book -- it sure does the cover justice!

    Thanks for complimenting my blog!! Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of Shelf Candy!! Lol!


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