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Shelf Candy Satuday #6: Passion, by Lauren Kate

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This week, I'm showing
some cover love to:

(Fallen #3)
Hardcover, 420 pages
Delacorte Press
(an imprint of Random House
Children's Books)
June 14, 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance,
Urban Fantasy

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This is such an amazingly beautiful cover!  Although the overall feeling is, at first sight, one of oppressive melancholy, the bright red rose points to a shred of hope, as well as to the passion of love, referenced in the title.  The flower's color is also picked up in the author's name, at the bottom of the cover.  

The girl's black dress and black hair give her a surreal, even otherworldly quality.  Her hands gently cradle the rose as she gazes pensively down at it.  Around her, the feeling of sadness seems about to lift, as dawn approaches, and the clouds, swiftly herded along by the wind, reflect the approaching sun.  The sky is not yet the color of day, but the night's darkness is receding.  It's a beautiful shade of blue with a hint of purple in it.

The landscape around the girl is a barren one.  Yet, the rose in her hands is freshly-picked,  and in full bloom. 

This cover speaks to me of despair and longing slowly giving way to hope.  The title is boldly emblazoned across the center.  The passion referred to is not just the passion of love, but also the passion of life, which always wins out over death.

This amazing cover is the work of
two highly talented illustrators:


They are digital photographers
who also do photo manipulation.

The jacket design is by
the Art Director at Random House.



  1. Nice cover this week. I haven't read the series, but I plan on it. I like the concept of the cover, but the girl looks scarily skinny.

  2. I love the colors in this cover especially that they make the red rose stand out even more. Excellent pick!

    Steph @ Steph's Stacks' Shelf Candy

  3. Hi, Kandee!

    Oh, you definitely MUST read this series! It's TERRIFIC!!

    I agree with you -- the girl DOEs look very skinny. In fact, she looks anorexic. I think that's on purpose, too. She's been pining away for Daniel, the romantic hero in the series. When you miss your beloved, you tend to lose your interest in food...

    Thanks for commenting! Have a GREAT weekend!! : )

  4. Hi, Steph!

    Yes, indeed, the colors on this cover DO make the red rose really stand out. It's just a really stunning cover! Glad you like my pick!

    Thanks for commenting! Heading on over to see your Shelf Candy pick. Have a GREAT weekend!! : )

  5. I really like this book cover as well. I have enjoyed all the covers for this series. Good series too.

  6. Hi! The Fallen Series have beautiful covers. I love your description. Despair is a perfect word for what I am seeing...then maybe a hint of giving away to hope. The flower speaks volumes to that. Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. Hi, Jenn!

    Glad you like my pick!! And yes, all the book covers for this series are AWESOME!! Not to mention that all the novels are GREAT!! Even the one I liked the least, "Torment, was pretty good!

    thanks for commenting back!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! : )

  8. Hi, Steph!

    Yes, this series DOES have beautiful covers!! I especially love the first and third covers! Thank you so much for complimenting my description! This cover is a very eloquent one that really speaks to the heart.

    Thank you once again for your lovely comment, and also for following on the new Linky Followers widget!! I just found out about it through Cambria's blog.

    Have a FAB weekend!! : )

  9. I love the covers for all these books! The books themselves drove me a bit crazy. Well, actually, the first one did but I haven't gotten to the rest yet. The covers really do draw you in and set the mood for the books though. Excellent pick!

  10. Hi, Jamie!

    Yes, the covers for all three of the books are gorgeous, and the last one, "Rapture", also has a beautiful cover!! Although I have enjoyed the series so far, it can't take the place of The Twilight Saga in my heart! (I don't think any series can, really...)

    Thanks for commenting, and for following my blog! I'm going to make sure to follow back!! : )


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