Sunday, February 5, 2012

On My Bookshelves #17

My weekend book meme
highlights books that I own,
but have somehow
never gotten to,
as well as those wonderful books
I would love to re-read!!

Here's my special list
for this week!

Mary Balogh
Hardcover, 336 pages
Delacorte Press
March 27, 2007
Genres: Romance, Historical Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

On a splendid August afternoon Susanna Osbourne is introduced to the most handsome man she has ever seen . . . and instantly feels the icy chill of recognition. Peter Edgeworth, Viscount Whitleaf, is utterly charming—and seemingly unaware that they have met before. With his knowing smile and seductive gaze, Peter acts the rake; but he stirs something in Susanna she has never felt before, a yearning that both frightens and dazzles her. Instantly she knows: this brash nobleman poses a threat to her heart . . . and to the secrets she guards so desperately.

Balogh is just that -- simply magic!
I have yet to read anything written by her,
whether a short story or a novel,
that I haven't liked.
So I'll definitely have to get to this one,
since it sounds absolutely

Chaim Potok
Hardcover, 370 pages
Alfred A. Knopf
April 21, 1990
Genres: Art, Literary Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

Twenty years have passed for Asher Lev. He is a world-renowned artist living in France, still uncertain of his artistic direction. When his beloved uncle dies suddenly, Asher and his family rush back to Brooklyn--and into a world that Asher thought he had left behind forever....

I have never forgotten
the first book about
Asher Lev...
It was luminous reading,
crafted like a
beautiful painting,
a multi-faceted jewel.

I need to re-read that book,
then go on to this one.
I simply owe it to myself
to enjoy this beautiful,
touching story
of the inner conflicts of a
great, yet humble,
artistic genius...

Sarah Addison Allen
Hardcover, 290 pages
August 28, 2007
Genres: Fantasy, Literary Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

The women of the Waverley family -- whether they like it or not -- are heirs to an unusual legacy, one that grows in a fenced plot behind their Queen Anne home on Pendland Street in Bascom, North Carolina. There, an apple tree bearing fruit of magical properties looms over a garden filled with herbs and edible flowers that possess the power to affect in curious ways anyone who eats them.

Garden Spells reveals what happens when Sydney returns to Bascom with her young daughter, turning (her sister) Claire's routine existence
upside down.

This book made quite an impression
when it was first published,
and is yet another of those
that I've been meaning to get to...

I really like the plot!
Anything magical will definitely
interest me!

Besides, I enjoy reading
stories in which siblings
reunite, and attempt to resolve
their differences.

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