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TGIF at GReads #1: Reading Resolutions

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Here's this week's question:

Reading Resolutions:
What are some of your reading goals
for the new year?

Well, I haven't made any formal resolutions, really.   All I know is that I would like to read more books this year.   In order to do that, though, I would have to somehow read faster, which doesn't come easily for me.  The thing is, I tend to pronounce words in my mind as I read.  I don't know where this habit came from, but there it is... On the other hand, I don't like to zip through books.  If I'm reading fiction, I can't really get lost in the book.  If I'm reading non-fiction, I might not be able to focus on everything the author is presenting.

In addition to my slow reading rate, I hold down two jobs -- my day job schedule is Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, while my night job schedule is Monday through Thursday, from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  Obviously, these jobs take up a lot of my time!  I need both, though...

I have decided to join a couple of reading challenges, to see if I can make a dent in my enormous TBR pile!   I think I might be able to read at least 12 books for each one, although I can use books for both simultaneously.  I know this doesn't sound like much, but I do intend to review each book, so of course that will also take more time.  Who knows...maybe I'll be able to read anywhere from 25 to 30 books this year.  But again, I'm not formally committing to reading that amount.  Hey, I think this is better than not reading at all!

You can check out this challenge at


You can check out this challenge

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  1. That's great you joined reading challenges. I should probably join more but I hate the pressure. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Old Follower.

  2. Hi, Jennifer! Yes, I know there's some pressure...but I have to try to get at least SOME of these books read! Lol.

    You're welcome for the visit and comment, and thank you for yours!! : )

  3. Hi Maria!

    Reading more books is always a resolution in the back of every blogger's head, I think. I'm aiming for 100 books this year... We'll see what I can do.

    I do understand what you mean about pronouncing your words, though. I don't do it always, but tend to do it in dialogues. Complete with the voice and intonation, specially in the guy part. I think it helps a lot to really get the character!

    My own bookish resolution this year is... I really need to edit my own novel. I've got this habit of putting the final period and leaving the stories to gather dust... So this year I'm going to sit down, edit for real, and make something I can share with the world!

    At least, that's the plan.

    Good luck with your challenges and your resolution! I know I need luck with mine...

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  4. Hi Maria! First of all, thank you so much for the follow and for adding my button to your blog! I saw it and was like, "That's my button!" haha!
    Second of all, I love the colors on your background! Blue and purple are my favorite colors :)
    I completely understand with the whole not having enough time to read a ton of books. I think that's crazy how much you have to work but you must be a very strong woman to be able to do all of that and host this blog!!!!
    Congrats on your "unofficial" reading goals this year :)
    Love your newest follower,
    Stephanie @Steph's Book Corner

  5. My comment didn't post... :( makes me sad because I don't remember what I wrote lol

    Anyways, take two!

    Thanks for the follow and for adding my button to your site!!! I saw it and was like, "HEY!! It's my button!!!" haha!
    I love group reading challenges because they kind of make me have to make time to read certain books, know what I mean? :-)

    Good luck with all of your book challenges and reading goals (Even if some are "unofficial") :-) Try not to run yourself ragged with all those jobs!! I admire you, that's a lot to take on!!!

    Love your newest follower,
    Stephanie @Steph's Book Blogs

  6. Hey, Ron!

    Oh, how exciting that you have a novel to be edited!! KUDOS to you!! And you also have a goal of reading 100 books? Well, I wish you lots of luck! Lol.

    But it's so wonderful that you have this novel. By all means I encourage you to finish editing it!! Then let me know when it will be available, so I can get it and read it! I sure do hope I'll be able to acquire it in a print version, though. You know how much I hate to read ebooks...

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  7. Hey, Stephanie!

    Both of your comments came through, so no worries! The thing is, I have comment moderation, just in case some loony tunes person decides to post something crazy, and also in case I get some spam. It's happened in the past. Once a comment is posted, it can remain available on the Internet, even if you delete it on your blog. So when I started A NIGHT'S DREAM OF BOOKS, I immediately put in comment moderation.

    I'm goad you love my colors! They're my favorites, too, although, for me, blue is above every other color in the universe! But purple is a close second. Thanks for the compliment!!

    Thank you as well for your comments regarding my working so hard. Yes, it's a real bummer, since I would much prefer to blog for a living... I wonder why it is that creative work is something one has struggle to make money from, and sometimes, one can't make any money at all.that's true of ANY kind of creative work! Sigh... Yes, I know I could monetize my blog with ads, but that's not much money. Besides, I don't really want to 'commercialize' my blog.

    You're very welcome for the follow! I LOVE your blog!!! You deserve to be congratulated for the way it looks -- it's GORGEOUS!!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!! : )


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