Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday #2: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor

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This week, I'm showing some
cover love to:

Laini Taylor
Hardcover, 418 pages
(U.S. Cover)
Little, Brown & Company
September 27, 2011

I really should have featured this cover for my first post, since I'm so in love with the color blue.   Also, I'm very particular about the shades of blue that I consider most beautiful.   The ones on this cover completely enchant me!  The mask worn by the enigmatic-looking girl pictured here contains two shades of blue, along with a silvery sheen that is most visible when the book is tilted at an angle, either up or down.   This gives the image a magical quality that's totally in keeping with Karou's personality.   She's the book's main character.

Adding to the mystery is the fact of the mask itself.  Karou has long wanted to know who she really is, and has not found any answers.  She stares directly at the viewer, one eye plainly visible, the other shrouded in darkness.  This hints at the fact that she has one foot in the real world, and another in a strange, fantastical one.  She's almost daring the viewer to discover her true identity...  Her expression has a rather disturbing, haunting quality about it.

The lettering is simply beautiful, and just as striking as the cover image.  I love the contrast between the flowing, poetic script that spells out "Daughter of" and the stark, military-looking letters of the rest of the title, "Smoke and Bone".   This contrast reveals Karou's dual nature as a sensitive, artistic soul, as well as a fierce warrior.

This is the U.S. cover, by the way.  I have seen the U.K. version, and I must say I don't like it as much as this one.   Sometimes I do prefer the covers of foreign editions, but not this time!

This stunning cover is the result of
a collaborative effort
between very talented photographers
and designers.

It was produced by the
The photo of the girl
was provided by
This is a stock photo service catering
specifically to the international
publishing industry.

The photo of the mask
was provided by Shutterstock,
another stock photo service.

The cover design is by
David Caplan, Senior Art Director
at Little Brown (formerly at
HarperCollins), and
Alison Impey, book designer.

Here's one of several book trailers made about this book:



  1. Ohhhh, this is VERY pretty. I like blue (isn't as crazy about it as my older sister, but it IS pretty). And that cover sure brings out the blue!

    Neat meme!!

  2. Alison Impey has oodles of talent. What a gorgeous and mysterious picture. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was a great read. Thanks for the great feature. :)

  3. An excellent book and a great cover (though I prefer the simplified UK version).

  4. I couudn't agree with you more! I absolutely love every thing about The Daughter of Smoke and Bone and can't wait to see your review of it when you finish. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours also and am your newest follower!


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