Sunday, January 22, 2012

On My Bookshelves #15

My weekend book meme
highlights books that I own,
but have somehow
never gotten to,
as well as those wonderful books
I would love to re-read!!

Here's my special list
for this week!

The Fire and the Rose
Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Star Trek
November 28, 2006
Genre: Science Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

Spock, displaced in time, watches his closest friend heed his advice by allowing the love of his life to die in a traffic accident, thereby preserving Earth's history. Returning to the present, however, Spock confronts other such crises, and chooses instead to willfully alter the past. Challenged by the thorny demands of his logic, he will have to find a way to face his conflicting decisions.

When I first encountered the original
Star Trek series, via reruns
while visiting a friend addicted to
old TV shows,
I was totally mesmerized...
I especially found Spock
totally fascinating,
with his inner battle between
logic and emotions.
So here's another one for that
reading challenge!
I've just GOT to get to this one
this year!!

The Star to Every Wandering
David R. George III
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Star Trek
February 27, 2007
Genre: Science Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

James T. Kirk, displaced in time, allows the love of his life to die in a traffic accident, thereby preserving Earth's history. Returning to the present, he continues a storied career as a starship captain, opening up the galaxy. But as he wanders among the stars, the incandescence that once filled his heart remains elusive.

Captain Kirk is no less fascinating
than Spock, although I never
liked that he was quite a player...
Once, though, he met a woman he truly loved.
And thereby hangs a tale.

This is another one for ye olde reading challenge!!

Provenance of Shadows
David R. George III
Mass Market Paperback, 640 pages
Star Trek
August 29, 2006
Genre: Science Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

For Doctor Leonard McCoy, life takes two paradoxically divergent paths. In one, displaced in time, he saves a woman from dying in a traffice accident, and in doing so alters Earth's history. Stranded in the past, he struggles to find a way back to his own century. But living an existence he was not meant to, he will eventually have to move on, and ultimately face the shadows born of his lost life.

This is actually the first book in
this trilogy, but I
placed Spock first because he's the one
who fascinates me the most.
McCoy completes the group of three
close friends I have grown to love
as I have watched these episodes, and
he's the necessary balance
between Kirk and Spock.

These three books will be under my belt
by the end of the year,
or I will voluntarily resign from Starfleet!!


  1. Star Trek! That's too cool! I really need to get into this. Ever since the new movie came out, I kept telling myself that I had to watch the old movies or read the books or something. In the end, I've yet to do any of that catching up, AND I didn't get to see the new movie either.

    I hope you get to read them, Maria! The Starfleet needs you on board! ;)

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Hey, Ron!

    Oh, I LOVE "Star Trek"!!!! But I prefer the original series, with Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, and Nurse Chapel!!! I LOVE these characters!!!! I've tried to watch the newer versions of ST -- "Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine", "Voyager", and "Enterprise", but none can compete with the original shows, even though they ARE much more sophisticated. Those original characters are so WONDERFUL!!!! So, yeah, I'm definitely planning to get these books read! And of course I don't want to resign from

    If you see the new movie, and then watch a couple of the old TV episodes, you'll see the difference right away. The younger actors just don't have the chemistry that the original cast did...but I did love the cutting-edge tech look in the movie!

    You're got to get into the original show! It's AWESOME, in spite of the outdated-looking props and sets. Believe me, you'll love it!!

    Would you believe that I once dressed up as Mr. Spock for Halloween? Yup. I did.

    Thanks for the comment! Live long and prosper, fellow earthling!! : )

  3. I used to watch the show back in the day. Lost interest with the newer shows, but might like the books. I really should give them a try.
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

  4. Hi, Steph!

    I know...the newer shows just couldn't compare! The original actors just had that very special, so elusive chemistry... And Picard could never hold a candle to Kirk, in my book!

    I did watch a couple of "Deep Space Nine" episodes, though, because Whoophi Goldberg was a cast member, but I still didn't like the show as much as the original one. As for the other 'incarnations' of ST, I didn't bother. To me, the ONLY "Star Trek" is the original series.

    Yes, do try to read these books! The author uses one of the original show's mmost famous episodes, "The City On the Edge of Forever", as his take-off point. Remember that one? Kirk and Spock went back in time to early 1930's Chicago, due to McCoy's temporary madness. They went back in time looking for him. That was where Kirk met Edith Keeler, the social worker. Well, you probably remember the very difficult decision Kirk had to make, in order to restore history to the way it was... These three books deal with the ramifications of that one incident.

    I've owned these books for at least a year or two. Can't believe I haven't read them!! Lol. Well, I've just made another (belated) New Year's resolution!

    Thanks for commenting!! Live long and prosper!! : )


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