Saturday, December 17, 2011

On My Bookshelves #10

This is a special Christmas edition
"On My Bookshelves"!!

My new weekend book meme
highlights the books that I have somehow
never gotten to,
as well as those wonderful books
would love to re-read!!

Here's my special list
for this week!

Kristin Hannah
Hardcover, 272 pages
Ballantine Books
November 1, 2011
(first published Nov. 1, 2005)
Genres: Christmas Romance,
Contemporary Romance

From the Goodreads Synopsis

Joy Candellaro once loved Christmas more than any other time of the year. Now, as the holiday approaches, she is at a crossroads in her life; recently divorced and alone, she can’t summon the old enthusiasm for celebrating. So without telling anyone, she buys a ticket and boards a plane bound for the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When an unexpected detour takes her deep into the woods of the Olympic rain forest, Joy makes a bold decision to leave her ordinary life behind—to just walk away—and thus begins an adventure unlike any she could have imagined.

One of Santa's elves was sweet enough to
give me this book recently!
I had wished for it in one of my 
previous "Follow Friday" posts, 
and I just can't believe I now have it, 
just in time for Christmas!!

The plot sounds wonderful, and
I really can't wait to start reading it!!
So I will definitely add this one to the
"Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge"!!

Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryanm Alissa Johnson
Mass Market Paperback, 308 pages
September 29, 2009
Genres: Christmas Romance, Historical Fiction,
Paranormal Romance

From the Goodreads Synopsis

From Emily Bryan's "My Lady Below Stairs", the story of an illegitimate servant girl called in to impersonate her missing aristocratic half-sister with results worthy of Shakespeare, to Ashley's "The Longest Night",  in which a shapeshifting nobleman attempts to win the heart of the wary woman he loves while on the trail of a spy, to Alissa Johnson's "Traditions",  the tale of an earl who sets out to woo one woman and falls for her intriguing companion instead, these light, entertaining romps are not typical holiday fare. .

I've had this one on my Goodreads bookshelves
for quite some time, and finally decided to buy it.
It arrived a few days ago,
and I'm hoping to get to it, if not by the 
end of this month, then on into the new year!
I have a very hard time letting go of 
the Christmas season anyway.... 

Daniel Partner
Paperback, 192 pages
September 1, 2011
Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian Devotional

From the Goodreads Synopsis

Two thousand years ago, angels proclaimed glad tidings of great joy to all people—the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior. But today, even Christians can find their joy dampened by the demands of the hectic holiday season. The Wonder of Christmas provides an antidote to all the hustle and bustle. This twenty-five day devotional contains fifty readings—one for each morning and evening—on the true meaning of the holiday. These thoughtful and encouraging meditations are perfect for the first three and a half weeks of December but their message of the vital importance of Jesus Christ is equally appropriate throughout the entire year.

Although I do read a lot of fiction, I also enjoy
non-fiction, especially about
spiritual topics.
This little book is a reminder to me
of the reason Christmas exists
in the first place --
the birth of one very special baby,
more than two thousand years ago.

Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany,
Julie Leto, Roxanne St. Claire
Mass Market Paperback, 421 pages
Pocket Books
September 26, 2006
Genres: Christmas Romance,
Contemporary Romance

From the Goodreads Synopsis

This book contains 4 short Christmas stories:

1. "Christmas of the Red Chiefs"  --
Linda Lael Miller
Ms. Miller delivers a holiday miracle in the bittersweet tale of a young woman who can't hide her broken heart -- or her past -- when she returns to her hometown.

2. "Once Upon a Christmas" -- Catherine Mulvany
Ms. Mulvany spins a fairy tale come true.  They flirted as teenagers, but it takes time -- and some divine intervention -- to bring two star-crossed lovers together at last.

3. "Meltdown" -- 
Julie Leto
M.s Leto pairs fire and ice in "Meltdown," the sensual tale of a Cuban-American PR whiz whose job description includes thawing out her CEO boss's frosty image.

4. "You Can Count on Me" -- Roxanne St. Claire
Ms. St. Claire unwraps the thrills of Christmas in New York, where a female bodyguard toys with a dangerous desire for a mysterious hunk while protecting his young daughter.

Oh, this one sounds absolutely fabulous!
Four magical, romantic Christmas tales!
I know I'm going to love this book when I do
manage to get to it -- which will
hopefully be before the
Three Wise Men arrive on January 6th!


  1. This is funny. I love Christmas, it's one of my favorite seasons ever, and yet I don't like reading "seasonal" books. I don't think I've ever tried out one, though, so more than not liking it's kind of "meh" - they don't pique my interest. Perhaps I should give one a choice, though...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Hey, Ron!

    Yes, you really should try out a Christmas book! It doesn't have to be a religious book, either. Try a Christmas romance, for instance. I LOVE those!! I especially enjoy reading Regency Christmas romances, and my very favorite writer in this sub-genre is Mary Balogh.

    Check out my December, 2010 reviews. You might find something you like!

    Thank you so very much for commenting! You're my most loyal follower!!! : )


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