Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here's a wonderful new
reading challenge
I've decided to join!!

This will give me a chance to attempt to read at least a few of my unread treasures!  I have so many of them, too...  The idea is to commit to reading as many of the books in our TBR piles as possible, in the space of one year.  This seems like a nearly insurmountable task for me, since I literally have more than two thousand books -- sitting on my bookshelves (which are floor-to-ceiling in at least two rooms), on the living room couch, on my bedroom dresser and night table, and, last but not least, in plastic boxes all over the place...

Well, I can at least try to get some of them read...  There are several levels of reading available.  I am tentatively trying for A Friendly Hug! 

These are the reading levels:

1 - 10:  A Firm Handshake
11 - 20:  A Friendly Hug
21 - 30:  A Sweet Kiss
31 - 40:  Love At First Sight
41 - 50:  Married With Children

Here are some of the books I hope to read.
If I can, I'll read more,
but for starters, I'd like to get to these!
According to the rules,
one can change books as one goes along,
so this is a tentative list.

1.) Divergent -- Veronica Roth

2.) Delirium -- Lauren Oliver

3.) Entwined -- Heather Dixon

4.) Starcrossed -- Josephine Angelini

5.) Wake Unto Me -- Lisa Cach

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

8.) Falling Under -- Gwen Hayes

The Mortal Instruments Series
Cassandra Clare

These are the hosting blogs:

Evie from Bookish

Nicole from All I Ever Read

Bonnie from Hands and Home @HandsHomeBlog

Donna from Book Passion For Life

Caitlin from Watch YA Reading

Rie from Mission To Read

For the complete rules, as well as to sign up,
just click on the button
in my sidebar! 
Be sure to join this fabulous challenge,
which will feature the most wonderful prizes!!!!!

One more thing!
This particular challenge boasts two of 
the most beautiful buttons I have thus far seen
in the blogosphere!!

IN 2012!!!!!!


  1. Wow! That's some serious TBR pile! I wish you lots of luck with the endeavour... I won't join for this one, since I know myself too well and I know I'll eventually claw my way through my current pile and keep adding to it too regularly to ever get to the bottom. Still, it's a great idea, so kudos and lots of cheerleading your way!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Hi again, Ron!

    Oh, I know what a HUGE undertaking this is! But I've only committed to one of the lowest levels -- "A Friendly Hug"! Lol.

    You know, sometimes I wonder if I'll EVER get to read ALL of my books!! I think I might need more than one lifetime! That thought makes me so sad at times... Anyway, I know I will try to read the 12 books I've mentioned in this post. You might have noticed they're all YA novels. I'd like to get some adult books in there, too, of course, but I do want to get to all of these YA books everyone's been raving about! Besides, I OWN them. They're living in my apartment. They deserve to be read, so I can add my own rave reviews to those of other bloggers! (Or my negative reviews, if I don't happen to like any of these.)

    Thanks for the encouragement! Also, thanks for being my most loyal follower, with all of your great comments!! I always look forward to reading them!! : )


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